Customer Service Automation on Trello

Customer Service Automation on Trello

At its most basic, automated customer service uses technology instead of a human being to handle customer service issues. This automation can take the form of chatbots, other artificial intelligence or something as simple as a website’s help center. Customer retention is vital in the battle for market share, and automated customer support can help you avoid costly customer service mistakes.

Why should my business care about Customer Service Automation?

Well, the answer is as clear as in any question related to automation. But let’s specifically have a look at the benefits of automating customer service.

Speed up response time:

There are so many reasons to use automated customer service, but they all come down to providing a world-class support experience for your customers. According to Groove, speed is one of the main factors in customer support. Your customers don’t want to wait for answers, and automation can help you offer timely responses to customer queries.

With self-service portals and help centers, your customers will be able to find answers to common questions or simple problems at any time, day or night. In a study conducted by Coleman Parkes, 91% of respondents said they would use an online portal or FAQs if available and tailored to their needs. The same study showed that only 40% of respondents still needed to contact the company after using a self-service tool.

Save time:

Providing your customers with options for automated support reduces the volume of incoming requests, saving you money. Your support team is then free to handle more complicated problems. Writing for Forbes, Brad Birnbaum states, “Instead of handling routine tasks and issues, agents will handle more critical customer interactions, which will require deeper knowledge about all facets of the company and product ecosystem.

Improve agent productivity:

Self-service technologies and AI will give agents more time to build trust by authentically engaging customers, whether it be through higher-level conversations about their feedback or unique product features, without feeling rushed. Not feeling rushed helps decrease stress for your agents. Reducing stress for your support team is vital to creating great customer experiences, driving an increase in your team’s quality scores and productivity. A happier, more productive support team working to give your customers the best experience possible means everyone wins.

Future-proof your business:

Arguably the best part about customer service automation is that it allows you to future-proof your business. You’ll need to add fewer new support agents as your business grows, and as artificial intelligence gets more sophisticated, it will be able to handle increasingly complicated problems. Having the infrastructure in place to scale your use of automated customer support will help you in the long run. Using automated customer service may even be able to help your business weather a worldwide global pandemic, in case that ever happens.

Easy ways to automate Customer Service on Trello

Suppose you’re interested in automating your customer service but don’t want to invest a considerable amount of time and money upfront. In that case, you’re in luck – it’s possible to set up a help desk using Hipporello Service Desk, built on Trello.

If you’ve never heard of Trello or you’re not currently using it, that’s OK. It’s an intuitive, straightforward software that allows you to organize your projects using visual cards placed on boards. Your entire team can collaborate on these boards, and you can easily assign cards to individuals or groups, making resource allocation and management quick and easy.

Hipporello Service Desk helps automate your customer service Trello boards. When your customer sends an email or fills out a form on your website, a ticket is created automatically and added to your board. You can trigger actions to send “Thank you for your email/submission.” messages to your clients upon the arrival of an email or form in your Trello board. Automated messages turn the one-way communication from clients into a real two-way communication and helps you keep clients in the loop.

Team leads can then assign tickets to the agent best equipped to handle them. They can also add internal notes to tickets, allowing them to collaborate on the best solutions for your customers. Agents can respond to customers right from your Trello board, making it easy to monitor performance and provide quality assessments.

Hipporello includes performance analytics, so you can keep track of how many cases each of your agents has addressed, in addition to their average quality rating. Analytics can extend this monitoring to your website by tracking how many customers have submitted forms or visited your portal.

With Hipporello’s Quick Texts, you can create canned responses, or macros, with responses to common questions or concerns. These responses can be sent automatically, based on the customer’s actions, or sent manually by one of your agents.

The benefit here is reducing the time for each ticket, of course, but this also gives you the ability to standardize the language you use to address particular problems. If your agents are expected to adhere to specific policies or procedures, this gives you the chance to remove any doubts about the correct way to handle situations involving those policies.

You can also learn more about Hipporello’s Customer Support Template and start using it right away here.


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to customer service automation. Hipporello can help you set up automation tailored to your business and with your customers in mind in minutes. Customer service automation can save you money, not only by reducing the volume of requests you receive but also in scaling your support team as your business grows.Simple requests can be handled automatically, and your support agents will have more time to create excellent customer experiences. Hipporello won’t solve all the problems of your business, but you won’t have to worry about losing customers due to subpar support.

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