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Trello Power-Ups


Service Desk

Collect client requests and tickets with forms and emails that create cards in Trello

Trello Card Share

Share cards publicly or privately. Collaborate with non-Trello users and teams.

Applicant Tracking

Design and publish job postings, receive and manage applications on Trello with ease.

Advanced Approvals

Streamline your approval processes on Trello. Increase transparency, and save time.

Status Page

Communicate scheduled maintenance and system downtime to your customers. Build trust and reduce support tickets.

Knowledge Base

Get your customizable knowledge base portal to offer self-service content. Provide consistent support. Empower your customers.

Marketing Requests

Capture and track marketing requests in Trello, communicate with requesters right from Trello.

Employee Directory

Store important information of all members of your organization.

Volunteer Recruitment

Perform the process of planning and recruiting volunteers for your organization or project on Trello end-to-end.

Employee Handbook

Provide guidance to your employees on company policies and procedures on a gated web portal. Improve transparency.


Create and publish blogs, centralize content creation and collaboration on Trello.

No-code App Builder

Start from scratch and build your own Trello power-up without code.

What is a Trello Power-Up?

A Trello Power-Up is a feature that empowers users to enhance their Trello boards by seamlessly integrating additional functionalities and preferred applications. This augmentation allows users to extract information and data from external services, providing a more comprehensive view of their preferred work tools directly within the Trello platform. Essentially, Trello Power-Ups serve as dynamic tools to customize, optimize, and elevate the overall Trello experience for users, catering to the unique demands of their projects and workflow.

What does a Trello Power-Up do?

At its core, a Trello Power-Up acts as a versatile bridge, connecting Trello boards with a myriad of external tools and applications or adds a completely new functionality to your workflows. This integration goes beyond mere connectivity; it establishes a synergy that allows for the effortless flow of information between Trello and your favorite apps.

The capabilities of Trello Power-Ups extend beyond seamless integrations. They are innovators in their own right, introducing entirely new functionalities to the Trello platform. For instance, a Power-Up might introduce advanced customer support or approval management capabilities, enabling you to run and manage your projects with precision. It might enhance communication channels within Trello, fostering collaboration among team members or clients through interactive features.

What are the advantages of using Trello Power-Ups?

Unlocking the full potential of Trello Power-Ups brings forth a multitude of advantages, each contributing to a more streamlined and effective project management experience. The key benefits are:

Enhanced Efficiency: Trello Power-Ups serve as efficiency boosters by introducing features that optimize your workflow. These enhancements enable you to navigate tasks more swiftly, ensuring that your projects progress seamlessly.

Incorporation with Various Applications: One of the standout advantages is the seamless integration with popular applications like Google Drive and Slack. This means your Trello boards become hubs where information effortlessly flows between platforms, fostering collaboration and centralizing your work processes.

Enhanced Visibility in Tasks and To-Do Lists: Trello Power-Ups enhance the visibility of tasks and to-do lists. With added functionalities, you can gain a more comprehensive overview of your project progress, deadlines, and upcoming tasks, fostering a proactive approach to project management.

Streamlined Time Monitoring: Managing time effectively is paramount in project management. Trello Power-Ups introduce features that streamline time monitoring, allowing you to track project timelines, deadlines, and milestones with precision.

Enhanced Communication: Effective communication is at the heart of successful projects. Trello Power-Ups facilitate enhanced communication channels with team members and even clients, ensuring that team members and clients can collaborate seamlessly, share insights, and stay informed in real-time.

Effortless User Access: Navigating Trello becomes effortlessly user-friendly with Power-Ups. From the assignment of tasks to the creation of new Trello cards, users experience a streamlined process that enhances accessibility and usability within the platform.

Who should use Trello Power-Ups?

The answer is remarkably inclusive. Trello Power-Ups are designed to cater to a broad spectrum of users, making them accessible to anyone actively utilizing the Trello platform. Whether you’re a project manager aiming to streamline workflows, a team leader coordinating tasks, or an individual contributor looking to enhance personal productivity, these integrations offer a versatile toolkit to meet diverse needs. These integrations are also not limited to specific industries.

What are the Trello Power-Ups offered by Hipporello?

Hipporello provides a variety of Trello Power-Ups, each with distinct functions and capabilities, along with a custom no-code app builder for users interested in creating or modifying their Power-Ups. Offerings include Service Desk, Applicant Tracking, Volunteer Recruitment, Knowledge Base, Marketing Requests, Status Page, Blog, Employee Handbook, Employee Directory, Trello Card Share, and Advanced Approvals.

Chat with us through the operator on this page for questions about our Power-Ups or no-code app builder.

Chat with us through the operator on this page for any questions about our Power-Ups or no-code app builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the best Power-Up for Trello?

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How many Power-Ups can you have on Trello free?

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Do Trello Power-Ups work on mobile?

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Can a single person use Trello?

Are Power-Ups free in Trello?

Are Power-Ups free in Trello?

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Why is my power-up not showing in Trello?

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Can I use Trello as a daily planner?