Marketing Requests

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A perfect Trello Power-Up for: Marketing Requests

Capture and track marketing requests in Trello, communicate with clients right from Trello.

No credit card required

All you need is a free Trello account

How does the Marketing Requests Power-Up work?

Create forms on the services you offer. Publish them on a branded user portal


Share the web portal link with your user and let them submit their requests


Receive marketing requests in your Trello board as unique cards


Communicate with requesters as you collaborate with the team to handle the requests


How to receive and track client requests

Start collecting client requests with emails and forms on a user portal

The Power-up enables the receipt of client requests via email and forms on a customized portal and automations, facilitating direct communication with requesters from within Trello.

Features you actually need

Everything essential is ready at your hand. No learning process, no time investment.

Start receiving marketing request forms to Trello

Review the forms that are readily available on your web portal.

Share form links with clients or other teams so that they can request projects as they need.

Capture requests into Trello and communicate with requesters about the details from inside Trello.

Capture all requests in a centralized location

Create multiple forms for multiple teams or clients and receive each for response into the same Trello board.

Collect requests through email by defining email-to-board addresses which will connect your inbox to your Trello board.

Update your clients with automatic email notifications

Keep your clients or other teams updated simply by sending automatic email messages.

Make changes to the readily available messages easily.

Handle marketing requests professionally

Receive marketing requests in an organized manner and in a standard format into Trello.

Automate your workflow and handle requests in the best way possible to save time for creative work.

Hippo Character Handle Marketing Requests on Trello Board Illustration
Hippo Character Handle Marketing Requests on Trello Board Illustration

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