Set Yourself Free by Automating Tasks on Hipporello Service Desk

Set Yourself Free by Automating Tasks on Hipporello Service Desk

Hipporello Service Desk is specifically built for Trello to make your life easier. It helps you receive tickets and emails to your Trello board, communicate with customers regarding their requests directly from Trello and handle requests with the power of Kanban. It uses automation to give you back the time you are wasting on never-ending repetitive tasks.

Finger ligaments wither and brain cells die as you're endlessly clicking away on a mouse at spots on the screen. You also have far more critical things to do, like managing a business or running a project.

Service Desk by Hipporello will take annoying repetitive tasks off your plate and let you get back to what you're good at. As the old saying goes, let the cobbler cobble.

Service Desk for Trello will enable you to create forms and publish them online. It will streamline how people contact you by allowing you to define the way you receive forms and emails while also automating actions. These will be things you won't have to do manually anymore.

Automated responses from Trello

No one will be waiting in the dark silence, listening to crickets chirp as they wait for you to get out a manual reply when they lodge a Trello Card through a form or email. It's already possible to communicate with your clients over Trello cards and receive email replies on the same Trello card. The service desk can additionally send out an automatic "Thank you for your submission" or "Thanks for your email" message, letting people know that action is happening for them. The message is customizable to your needs.

Hipporello Service Desk automation define

Why does an automated response even matter? It's key to maintaining transparent communication with your clients and it definitely contributes to customer engagement positively. It also keeps them informed about their requests or queries. It's no news that customers value prompt responses, and sending automated prompt messages creates a positive impression for your business, especially if your business is present only virtually. Automatic email messages are a great way of keeping clients in the loop.

Automatically moving Trello cards across your board

Hipporello Service Desk can be set to archive cards automatically when a Trello card, or a ticket in our case, is moved to another Trello list or when the end-user sends a reply. You can also automate sending messages when such actions are taken on a card. If a card is reopened or moved from one list to another, the service desk will take care of the email communication for you based on the automation you've defined.

Hipporello Service Desk automation define

Automatically assigning labels and members to cards

Utilizing forms that automatically assign labels and members upon submission makes managing and distributing tasks a seamless experience. With the help of the Service Desk for Trello, it is possible to set automated labels and members for form or email submissions. For example, you can appoint a designated board member to handle all cards created through a specific form. This approach streamlines task allocation and guarantees prompt attention to assignments. By taking advantage of these capabilities, you can optimize your team's efficiency and ensure the effective distribution of responsibilities among team members.

Hipporello Service Desk Form Automation

Automated custom fields on cards

Trello users love Custom Fields, as they serve as a potent customization tool for their boards. Custom Fields enable the addition of new field types and tailored data to Trello cards, making them highly adaptable to individual workflows. with Hipporello Service Desk, it's possible to bring custom field information with form submissions and emails, and populate and update your Custom Fields on Trello cards.

Hipporello Service Desk Custom Field

To sum it up, Hipporello Service Desk sets different automated actions for each form, and also for each email-to-board address you've defined. This gives you the flexibility to have full control over your Trello board and customize the way you want tasks to flow across your board. If you add up all the time you spend doing repetitive actions such as these, day after day, you'll see it is a significant burden. Hipporello's automated actions will set you free and have you working on what really matters.


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