Communicate With Your Clients Over Trello Cards

Communicate With Your Clients Over Trello Cards

Your teamwork will only be as good as the tools you’ve got handy. Especially for Trello teams, productivity is the ultimate motivation. That is why features like board to email, and email to board are amongst the most wanted scenarios in Trello community, to drive productivity further.

Think about it: if not everyone’s on the same page, your whole team will have a hard time figuring things out. Communication will get scattered, everyone will get confused, and what’s supposed to be an easy job will become a mess.

Plus, communication barriers will have you using up a lot of time just waiting for replies and heads-ups. Emails get buried. People forget things. The work feels exhausting.

With the right tools, however, everything can be shared in one place, in real-time, for everyone to see. Hours wasted? None.

That’s what Hipporello is all about: letting teams, small or large, communicate over Trello without a hint of effort. And nope, no other apps are needed to make it happen.

How Does Board to Email Work?

If you’re familiar with Trello, you know how timely Trello cards can be. They’re where your entire to-do list is at: what you’ll do, when you’ll do it, and who can share it with you.

With Hipporello, you have access to all Trello functions while also being able to communicate with your clients inside the cards for a smoother workflow.

That means no emails, no Slack, nothing else. Trello will be your only go-to app, saving your team hours of work every week.

How Can You Communicate with Clients Over Trello Cards?

It’s painfully easy, and perfect if you’d like to have full control over support request emails, feature request forms, contracts, and everything in between.

The great thing about it is, everyone from your team will have instant access to it. No forwarding required.

Without further ado, here’s how to communicate with clients the easy way:

1. First, add the Hipporello power-up to your Trello board. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can get started for free in seconds.

2. After you’ve authorized Hipporello and selected the Trello board where you want it to perform, you’ll be instantly redirected to our Form Directory.

3. Simply click on“New Form” to design and edit a form to your liking (we have several form templates you can choose from, including contact forms, bug tracking, customer support, feedback, and much more). All done? Hit “Publish”.

4. Once the form is published, any clients or colleagues from other teams may fill it in to make a request, send feedback, or report an issue. They’ll add their contact information, type in their message, and add files or pictures if allowed. And no, your users don’t have to be Trello members to do all that.

5. Here’s where the magic happens: the customer’s request will then fall into your team’s Trello board as a card, and it’s only smooth sailing from here on out. You can carry on your communication with the customer inside the Trello card, without ever leaving Trello.

6. All members of the Trello board, whether they are customer service agents or other team members, will have access to every single detail about the request sender. That includes their IP address, browser, operating system, country, organization, and a lot more.

Hipporello is What “Working Smart” Really Means

Could this have been an email? Definitely. But we take a stand against complicating things.

Hipporello makes teamwork efficient and doesn’t let time slip through the cracks. Give it a test drive now and see how your team adapts to it. Something tells us you won’t regret it.

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