Meet Performance Analytics for Trello Service Desk

Meet Performance Analytics for Trello Service Desk

Performance tracking and business performance analytics are huge challenges for many fields. And the same goes for customer support. A lot of times, agents may not perform optimally for several reasons. These include not knowing their expectations, having to deal with some unexpected blockers as well as not receiving proper feedback.

The solution? Providing them with accurate analytics that will not only let them know exactly where they need to improve but give them high performance standards to meet. This much is true: agent performance can (and should) be tracked, measured, and improved. And it is the key to achieve maximum customer happiness through your service desk in the long term.

With this in mind, we’ve adapted Hipporello analytics to empower your agents and help them get more of the right things done. The best part is, you’ll always be in the know. Here’s what’s new:

Keep Track of How Many Cases Agents Have Addressed

Are agents meeting the number of daily cases they’re supposed to address? Now you have control over that. The new analytics will give you a thorough overview of each agent’s number of addressed cases. With this data in hand, you can now make data-driven decisions and take steps to improve the performance of your support team.

Monitor Agents’ Average Rating

It’s important that each agent has their own rating so that they’re always striving for improvement. You’ll have access to all agents’ scores according to your preferred standard, and will be able to deliver accurate feedback based on their ratings.

See How Many Forms Were Submitted

Say you have a specific number of forms to be submitted until a certain date. Ordinarily, monitoring this type of thing would be complicated and time-consuming, especially if the process included multiple analytics stemming from different tools. That’s a lot to monitor. Especially if you brought all of your online forms to Hipporello.

With our recent analytics, however, the job is much easier and compact. You’ll know the exact number of submitted forms, as well as how and by whom they were addressed.

Take an IT development release as an example. Right after the release, you’d like to know about any bug reports that might come up, who sent them, as well as by which agent they were handled. You can do all that in one place!

Plus, all related emails sent during the same period of time will be counted and available for you to view and monitor.

Check How Many People Visited Your Portal

Powerful analytics are equivalent to heightened agent morale. Give your agents the best tools to work with, and you’ll be setting your business up for success. By checking the number of people visiting your portal, you can make informed decisions about what steps to take depending on the decreasing or increasing traffic on your portal.

What’s next for Hipporello?

Mean time to resolve (MTTR) and other advanced reports coming soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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