Trello for Nonprofits - The Best Way of Doing the Most Good

Trello for Nonprofits - The Best Way of Doing the Most Good

Trello for Nonprofits - The Best Way of Doing the Most Good

Trello for Nonprofits - The Best Way of Doing the Most Good

If you work for a nonprofit, there's a good chance you're always looking for ways to improve efficiency and streamline your processes without spending a fortune on apps and software. There are many great tools out there that can help with this, but one of our favorites is Trello. 

With its simple interface, easy-to-use platform that allows for collaboration, and powerful Power-Ups by Hipporello, Trello’s solutions for nonprofits can revolutionize your organization and help you do the most good.

Trello Power-Ups by Hipporello devoted to the needs of nonprofit organizations make a big contribution to what Trello already has to offer and enhance and ease the processes.

In this post, we'll give you an overview of how nonprofits can use Trellosiness processes, and we'll share some tips on how to get started.

How to use Trello for nonprofits (local and international) 

Utilizing Trello can be an effective way for local and international NGOs to collaborate on meaningful humanitarian aid initiatives. With its simple yet powerful platform, collaborators can manage long-term objectives and break down complex projects into manageable chunks in the form of Trello cards. 

What Hipporello adds to the way nonprofits use Trello is a web portal, web pages readily available for a quick start, a conversation module for communication with clients and volunteers without adding them to your board, forms, automation and more

As a result of using Trello Power-Ups by Hipporello, nonprofit organizations can keep each other updated on their progress quickly and find areas where they could work together more closely. Recruiting new volunteers and receiving volunteer job applications is now a snap. Your team and volunteers benefit from this collaborative approach because it increases overall efficiency, productivity, and accountability — which means better outcomes for the projects your NGO or non-profit supports.

As good stewards of grant and donation money, your nonprofit or NGO will appreciate the price of the base Trello account: Free! Transforming your Trello account with Power-Ups can also be affordable with discounts for nonprofits.

  1. A robust Trello Power-Up for volunteer recruitment

Volunteer recruitment can be a daunting task, particularly if you have to keep track of numerous volunteers. The Volunteer Recruitment Power-Up by Hipporello, helps consolidate the entire volunteer recruitment process with its user-friendly design. 

Nonprofits and NGOs couldn’t work without teams of dedicated volunteers, and with the Volunteer Recruitment Power-Up, recruiting volunteers is as easy as installing a Power-Up on your Trello board. 

And what do you get with that one Power-Up?

  • A web portal for interested individuals to sign up, view volunteer open positions and apply for the ones they want. 

  • Form responses create unique Trello cards, where you can view new job applications.

  • You can communicate with applicants and ask for further info very easily from inside the created Trello card. 

  • Driving all interest to one spot ensures you’ll never miss the opportunity to recruit volunteers. 

  • Add anyone to your Trello board to help or monitor the hiring process so that you can enjoy collaborative hiring for your nonprofit organization. 

The moment you install the Volunteer Recruitment Trello Power-up, you get a web portal integrated with Trello, a readymade volunteer job application form, in-Trello conversation module for communication with applicants and other non-Trello users.

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  1. An easy-to-use Blog power-Up for project updates of nonprofits

Once you recruit volunteers and start working in the direction you wish to go, it’s nice to have an easy-to-use and easier-to-start blog page using Hipporello’s Blog Power-Up where you can publish project updates. 

This improves your online presence and increases chances of donations, fundraising, volunteers and press awareness. The blog page is easy to create and update, and allows you to get started quickly without any prior knowledge or experience in blogging. Updating blog posts is as easy as updating fields of a Trello card.

  1. Teambuilding with volunteers using the robust Employee Directory Power-Up

Using Trello for nonprofits has taken on new functionality with the introduction of Hipporello's Employee Directory Power-Up. By adding the power-up to Trello, organizations can make sure volunteers will quickly and easily connect and network with one another. 

This enables them to develop relationships with other volunteers across the organization, which in turn will help improve collaboration in remote teams. Not only does the Employee Directory Power-up make it easier for volunteers to communicate and collaborate more effectively, but it also adds deeper connections and resources that can be used to support each other in their mission. With this tool, Trello just became a valuable asset that nonprofits everywhere can take advantage of.

  1. Trello for Fundraising and Communication with Donors

Fundraising is the lifeblood of your organization, and Trello for nonprofits can be an excellent tool for tracking donations and thanking donors. Some options include creating a board just for contributions with lists for types of contributions, boards for fundraising campaigns, and cards that hold information for specific donors so you can send thank yous and follow-up information. 

With the Hipporello Service Desk Power-Up for Trello, your Trello becomes a communication hub for donor support. Forms allow you to collect information and request, and automated responses make thanking your donors top-of-mind. This Power-up even contains threaded conversations with donors within Trello without adding them to your Trello board or workspace. 

  1. Stay on Trello for any emerging needs

Beyond day-to-day marketing tactics, Trello can help nonprofits organize strategic campaigns, like Giving Tuesday or a capital fundraising campaign, that encompass marketing, fundraising, and volunteer support. Trello facilitates the creation of comprehensive marketing and fundraising strategies that tie in with other regular branding-focused marketing. This platform allows organizations to better organize project goals and objectives, create a timeline for task completion, assign tasks to appropriate employees or volunteers—and enjoy a birds-eye view of the entire campaign from one spot. 

These solutions are only the tip of the iceberg regarding using Trello for nonprofit and NGO management, volunteer management, fundraising, and marketing. If you need other solutions with different scenarios, try creating your own Power-up with forms, automation, email integrations, conversations from inside Trello, and more.(https://www.hipporello.com/builder)

If your team has a challenge, our team can help you find a solution with Hipporello’s Custom Power-Up building services for your custom needs. Our goal is to help you utilize Trello to best support your mission.

What do I need to get started?

The only thing you need is a free Trello account. Install the Trello Power-Up you need and the rest is on us. Do you need a custom solution? Contact us and let us see what we can build for you. Read the next section to learn more about Trello’s special nonprofit discounts if you need to get a paid tier in Trello for some other reason. 

Discover Trello Power-Ups for Nonprofits

And what about Trello Nonprofit Pricing?

Just as many other platforms, Trello offers special discounts for nonprofits. Trello is highly functional with a free account, which includes unlimited cards, 10 boards, 10MB per file, and unlimited Power-ups. But as a tiered service, the more you pay, the more functionality you can access. Trello tiers are still a nominal fee and include:

  • Standard ($5 / month): Unlimited Boards, 250MB per file, advanced checklists, custom fields

  • Premium ($10 / month): Advanced views, unlimited automation, priority support

  • Enterprise ($17.50+ / month): Unlimited workspaces, organization-wide access, Power-Up administration

    Trello also offers a generous discount for nonprofits and NGOs. Simply apply for the discount, and if you’re accepted, you’ll receive a certain percentage off any tier! But remember that it’s a nonprofit discount! Hipporello also offers a special discount for our nonprofit and NGO friends. Find out more and claim your discount today to Power-up your organization!

Have you enjoyed this content? Have a look at our blog to catch up with latest Trello updates and industry trends. To boost your productivity further, see all the Trello Power-Ups by Hipporello. You can also discover the unique Trello Power-Ups designed for business teams of any size.

Discover Trello Power-Ups for Nonprofits

Discover Trello Power-Ups for Nonprofits