How to Get Your Online Small Business Tools with Hipporello

How to Get Your Online Small Business Tools with Hipporello

There are no small businesses. That’s what we believe here in Hipporello. Every business is huge in the eyes and the lives of the owners. Even more so for the so-called “small” businesses. A small business means families. Hipporello is usable for companies of any scale, but helping the development of small businesses is not just a professional achievement for us. We offer small business tools to let you be able to serve your online customers in minutes with confidence. Believe us when we say - It is our genuine honor to help you.

Let’s talk about how Hipporello can help your business, then we’ll talk about how easy it is to use.

Receive purchased orders from customers:

Most of the time, it’s difficult and costly for small businesses to get their company online. Imagine, on average, 9% of all the costs go for getting online for small businesses. Whenever you work with an online shopping company, you need to pay commissions, entrance fees. This makes it hard for the corner shop florists, mamas, and papas restaurants to compete in the online marketplace.

We’re delighted to bring some peace to this brutal environment. Hipporello allows you to publish and share your online forms, without the need to create a new web page, without any coding. Share your forms with your customers, let them contact you easily from the internet to purchase your products. The only aspect we can’t help you with yet is payments, but we urge you to stay tuned for updates.

Hipporello Service Desk form elements

Customer support:

Setting up a help or service desk can prove difficult for small businesses. But maybe it’s better said in the past tense. With Hipporello, you are ready to go in minutes. You can publish your online forms and receive support requests from your customers. Already have an email address set up for this? Hipporello shows them on your Trello board as well.

And anything else you can think of:

These two use cases are only examples. Hipporello provides you with the flexibility to create forms for all the reasons your business needs. In fact, Hipporello is so easy to use that we believe you’ll make use of it for even the smallest things like organizing your office party.

Here’s what you can do with Hipporello:

  • Create and publish your online forms in minutes - with our drag and drop interface, you don’t need any coding knowledge at all.

  • Easily share your forms with your customers.

  • Receive your form submissions and emails straight to your Trello board - Trello is preferred by over 50 million users for organizing work with its super easy interface.

  • Keep track of your workflow, keep your data safe, online, and ready for you to access at any time.


Hipporello allows you to reach your audience -today- without the need to know any code. Any computer user can easily get used to Hipporello, it’s not any harder than posting a photo on social media, or forwarding messages on a WhatsApp group.

We created Hipporello to make work easier for companies. Just like how Trello does it for thousands of small businesses every day. But the possibility of you returning home and thinking “Those Hipporello guys really DID make things easier”, you spend more time with your loved ones because you finished work earlier, you reaching more customers and reaping the fruits for your honest work… No amount of money would make us happier. And that’s why we’re free.

Try Hipporello today and let us help you improve your company. It is -sincerely- an honor.