The Simplest Way to Link Email to Trello: Your Board as a Shared Inbox

The Simplest Way to Link Email to Trello: Your Board as a Shared Inbox

The Simplest Way to Link Email to Trello: Your Board as a Shared Inbox

Let us draw a picture for you. A team is working on a conventional shared inbox. Every email is another rush, some get forwarded, some get replied and some get forgotten.

“Did you get my email?”

“I...I didn’t know about that...”

“It must’ve gotten buried in my inbox. I’ll check again.”

Sounds familiar? Probably. We’ve all had at least one communication “glitch” when working remotely, thanks to the large number of information that’s fired at us throughout the day, every day.

It turns out that it’s getting increasingly hard to keep priorities straight with conventional email inboxes. Communication is restricted, productivity is diminished, and employees pull the remainder of their hair out because they miss out on important, valuable information.

While there are concrete suggestions on how to deal with all this inbox chaos, patching is not the same as fixing the problem, right?

The solution? Trello, of course, with the Hipporello Service Desk twist, which makes it better. Way better.

Sending emails to Trello board

When businesses think of upcoming events, project deadlines, and task allocations, Trello is the first tool they resort to.

In a perfect world, teams would be able to share their email inboxes directly to a Trello board and connect both customers and employees in one highly productive platform. Trello also suggests this approach.

And, that’s exactly why we created the Hipporello Service Desk: to bring your team the most effective collaborative platform ever by making it possible for users to forward emails to Trello and use it for client interactions and communications.

With Hipporello, you can:

  • Receive emails to your Trello board

  • Each email creates a unique Trello card

  • View emails as a team on Trello

  • Respond to emails from inside Trello cards

  • Other team members or admins can have an overview of all the emails and responses.

“Does my team even need to use Trello as a shared inbox?”

We’re obviously biased, but the answer is a resonant “yes”. Every business, however large or small, will benefit from a shared inbox with their teams.

Why? Here you go:

Forwarding email to Trello simplifies ALL of your processes

No need to jump from emails to Slack to Trello, then to emails again. A shared inbox offers a truly simple, unified service where all team members can respond to requests and complete tasks—without leaving Trello, inside Trello.

You can easily turn your team’s Trello board into a complete email inbox

You no longer need to share email credentials among team members. With Hipporello, for instance, team members will have access to every single important email with their individual accounts like support@, sales@, jobs@, and others.

Easy to manage, and even easier to set up

Allowing customers to access your team’s Trello board would be the recipe for a ton of misunderstandings and management issues.

With a shared inbox, you can manage your customer requests on Trello with built-in online forms they can use. This way, your team will save time, prevent errors, and prioritize requests.

How to Transform your Trello Board into a Shared Inbox

Here’s a short, step-by-step guide to getting you started with the shared inbox right away:

Steps to Set Up Shared Inbox for Trello and start receiving emails to Trello

Hipporello Service Desk offers an inbound email address for your users to create support tickets through emails in addition to forms. Defining an inbound email address takes only a few clicks.

  • Click on the Hipporello Service Desk Power-Up button on the top right of your Trello board, then click Hipporello Admin > Inbound Emails.

  • On this screen, click on the New Inbound Address button.

  • Enter a new inbound email address of your choosing and click on the Create Inbound Email Address button.

  • You can choose any word or name for this new inbound email address as per the needs of your company, such as info, help, support, etc. The extension is created automatically by Hipporello.

  • When you create your inbound email address, Email Address Settings screen will open automatically. From here, choose which Trello list you prefer your emails to appear.

  • You can also create conditions for the incoming emails, and decide whether you’d like to receive attachments inside the cards or not.

  • When you finish configuring the settings, click on the “Save” button.

  • After saving, you will be directed to the inbound email detail page. From here, you can edit the Access Policies, Automations, and Custom Form settings.

  • After configuring everything to your liking, you need to publish the inbound email address (friendly reminder, you need to publish the inbound email address every time you make changes).

Your new Inbound Email address is activated. You can click on the Go to My Email Addresses button to view your Email to Board addresses and reaccess Email Address Settings to edit them.

How Trello Shared Inbox Works - all team emails to Trello

For every single email that’s sent to the connected e-mail address, a Trello card is automatically created with the content of the email.

Showing how email to Trello works with Hipporello Service Desk

And that’s where the magic happens: you won’t need to open your inbox or switch between your email inbox and Trello to reply to emails or communicate with your team. Everything happens on Trello.

When you’re ready to reply to an email, you can do it instantly by typing up your reply at the back of your Trello card. Again, no need to hop from one place to another!

Your reply is quickly sent to the respective customer’s email, who can communicate further with you by replying directly to that email (or by clicking on a handy link Hipporello will provide).

The customer will have access to all of the communication done for their specific case. They will also see data such as card creation date, who opened the card, and when it was last updated.

Get Ready to Boost Your Productivity with Ease

Wait until you see how smooth internal communication will become for the whole team. A streamlined process. No glitches. No delays. Everybody knows what’s going on, all the time, all on Trello, inside Trello. Far away from your reality? No longer.

Since working from home has become the norm, let’s redefine “remote working” as practical and organized, rather than hair-pulling stressful, shall we? Not limited to that, scenarios are extendable. Maybe it is even time to get a shiny new "contact us" approach and getting rid of old-school contact forms.

Whenever you’re ready to make teamwork a breeze (and who isn’t?), we’re here. Try Hipporello now!

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