How to Set Up Your Online Recruitment Process for Free on Trello with Hipporello

How to Set Up Your Online Recruitment Process for Free on Trello with Hipporello

Recruitment processes are complicated. Starting from the job listing, collecting applications to shortlisting and sending offers; it includes many steps and tools, coming with headaches and costs. In this article, we will suggest how you can set up your recruitment process in minutes for free and start receiving job applications now. Recruitment processes are crucial for companies.

To stay competitive, employers and HR departments always seek top talents. It’s a lot of work and a big responsibility to screen the candidates, hold interviews, and decide if they’re fit for the position. It’s a complicated process that includes a lot of human variables; from the job listing, collecting applications to the shortlisting and sending offers; it includes many steps and tools, coming with headaches and costs.

Hipporello Service Desk helps companies by simplifying this process with better organization, so your human resources department can focus on the “human” part of the job. We’ll cover how Hipporello collaborates with Trello to help you set your company’s ATS in minutes, for free.

First, the scientific facts:

86.1 percent of users believe using applicant tracking software has increased their hiring speed.

Survey results of Applicant Tracking System usage

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Utilizing software for job application management scientifically saves you time. Precious time can be used for concentrating on the details and making a better decision in hiring. No matter when you’re hiring, there’s always a sense of urgency that arises with the need. For such an elaborate process, being organized and on-the-same-page is essential. HR departments that work faster by using ATS are doing so because software aim to automate processes and provide solutions to make teams work in a more organized manner.

78.3 percent of users believe using applicant tracking software has resulted in a significant improvement in the quality of employees they hire.

Survey results of Applicant Tracking System usage

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Is there anything else for a company to do, really? Hiring top-notch talent is perhaps the second most common objective for any company, “making a profit” being the first. We all know the saying: Employees are the most valuable asset of a company. 78.3 percent of people is a substantial proportion that clearly points to this fact: Once the friction of finding the right emails, looking for the right people to forward, switching between browsers, attachments, and email clients is finally removed, your HRs are capable of zeroing in on candidates themselves, which means more efficient applicant management.

And here’s how Hipporello helps:

Hipporello collaborates with Trello to bring you the recruitment pipeline your company needs!

First things first: Hipporello is a Trello Power-Up. We were using Trello like the rest of 50 million users today, because of its simplicity and efficiency. Then we thought about how Trello can be used for so much more, and that’s how Hipporello was born. Now we allow Trello users to receive information from outside of Trello, via both email and online forms that are fully customizable, entirely no-code with our drag and drop interface. You don’t even need to use emails, Hipporello makes it possible for you to communicate with your applicants without leaving your Trello board.

A new definition for being “On The Same Page”:

With Hipporello, your HR department can use their Trello board as a shared inbox. If you already have an email address for job applications, you can forward those to your board as well. Together with the online forms, all applications can be received on the Trello board, ready to be accessed by the relevant team members at all times. This makes it possible for your team to be conscious of the whole process, without all the asking and answering. Keeping on the same page is effortless.

How does Hipporello achieve this?

Hipporello creates a unique Trello card for each email or form submission. You can see applicant information and attachments directly from these cards, and also reply and communicate with the potential employees. As with all Trello cards, you can assign members, set deadlines, add labels or comments.

The recruitment process is divided into stages with the use of Trello lists. As your HR team reviews the applications, they can move applicants’ cards to different lists and follow through the recruitment process to onboarding.

How soon can your company have a free ATS?

In minutes! Although we must first make this clear, Hipporello is much more than just an ATS. Our users usually start using Hipporello for their specific cases, and then start benefiting from Hipporello in numerous other ways. Here’s how you can start using Hipporello in three steps:

  • Click here to add Hipporello to your Trello board – both are free.

  • Create your job application form with our drag and drop interface. Use our form templates or create your own from scratch, make sure to add an Attachment form element so your applicants can attach CVs. Customize your service desk, add your company logos and banners to brand it.

  • Share your form link and/or easily embed it to your website.

You’re all set!

You have single-handedly taken your company to the next level by maximizing your efficiency in talent acquisition! Now your HR team members will work in unison to find the creme de la creme of personnel, a reliable way of taking solid and substantial steps towards success.


With over 50 million users worldwide, the simplicity and efficiency of Trello are unquestionable. With this in mind, we created Hipporello to now make it possible for users to use Trello to simplify more complicated functions, like the applicant tracking system your company needs. Not just that, you can also bring other HR practices to life with Hipporello, just as we gave an example on how to manage leave requests. Click here to try Hipporello today and revolutionize the way your company works!