Recruitment Process Management on Trello - a Complete Solution

Recruitment Process Management on Trello - a Complete Solution

With record numbers of qualified candidates looking for their next dream job, your recruitment and hiring process should be simple and efficient. Wouldn’t it be great if your recruitment process fit seamlessly into the rest of your company’s workflow in an already familiar tool?

Meet Hipporello’s Applicant Tracking Power-up —your new recruitment best friend. Built on the power of Trello, this new power-up is designed to make hiring team members more straightforward than ever before—without depending on recruitment companies or pricey external software.

Hipporello Applicant Tracking System Trello board view

Hipporello's Applicant Tracking Power-up lets you professionalize and streamline your recruitment and selection process without leaving your Trello board. 

Why should you move your recruitment process to Trello?

There are many ways of managing the recruitment process on Trello; however, most of the non-Hipporello solutions would be either by combining multiple power-ups or managing only one part of the process instead of the hiring process end-to-end. Hipporello's ATS Power-up offers you a web portal with easily customizable pages, job ads, a job application form, and a hiring workflow on your Trello board.

It's a complete hiring solution that you can start using and acquiring talent instantly right after you install the power-up.

Here's why it is an outstanding solution:

An Easy Start to Hiring

The employment selection process is never easy, but getting started with Hipporello ATS is - all you need to do is add the power-up to your Trello board.

From the beginning, your team can collaborate as they usually would on Trello, minimizing training time, and will have access to recruitment-specific features. Using a familiar collaboration tool will help streamline your overall operations.


Enjoy the ease and simplicity of a Trello Power-Up right out of the box. There is no need for changes or complicated adjustments before taking advantage of its features.

The Power-up provides a simple tool to manage the entire job application process from start to finish. Designed with recruitment best practices as the core, the app gives you insight into what makes a great recruitment campaign.


We understand that every company’s needs are unique. HR departments operate differently, depending on your industry and the size and type of your business. To help you make the most of our power-ups, Applicant Tracking for Trello offers options to customize its functions to your needs through a series of extensions. 

Hipporello Applicant Tracking System job application form view

Customize the look and feel of your web portal for consistent branding, add and remove required fields, and follow up with candidates based on your workflows.

Your HR department can also collaborate with other departments to make it easier to hire the best talent. 

Trello-native hiring solution – Recruitment in Easy Steps

ATS Power-up comes complete with a ready set of Trello lists, breaking down the hiring process into simple, easy-to-follow steps. It lets you manage the process inside Trello without the need to switch to email or Slack for a more effective recruitment process.

How Applicant Tracking Power-up centralizes your recruitment process:

  1. The hiring process starts with a job posting. Your team will decide on employment needs, recruitment and selection methods and criteria, and then will write a job posting for your Trello-connected careers page.

Trello for Hiring
  1. Move the job post into your ‘Published’ list. From there, it will be published on the careers page, ready for applicants to contact you. Instead of moving between different tools, you stay inside Trello!

Trello for Hiring
  1. Every time a candidate completes a job application, Hipporello creates a separate card under the ‘job applications’ list in Trello. You can immediately see all of the candidates’ information on the Trello cards—no more missing details or information oversights!

  2. Next, you’ll begin your selection process. Just as Trello is focused on helping teams collaborate, so is ATS by Hipporello. Your team can access applications and candidates from one central location, and team members can communicate by adding comments on each applicant’s card.
    This collaboration is critical to ensuring new team members are a good fit. 

  3. A resume may not hold all the relevant information you need to make a decision, so references are essential to assessing candidates. Hipporello ATS helps you gather the additional facts you need by ensuring easy communication with candidates.
    You can ask applicants for their references or find out more about them directly from their Trello card. The answers are automatically added in the right place, and your whole team can access them.

Trello for Hiring Trello cardback view

Allowing input from different perspectives to Trello cards increases your chances of asking the right questions and selecting the right candidate. 

  1. Picking the perfect people for your team is essential for the success and growth of your business. And you don’t need recruitment agencies to manage the process.
    ATS by Hipporello quickly invites potential candidates for an interview once you have shortlisted them—no individual emails are needed! Invites and responses are added to the applicant’s card, so everyone will be updated whenever there’s a change. 

  2. Dealing with unqualified applicants is equally simple. Once you decide the candidate isn’t a good fit, add them to the ‘disqualified’ list and they will receive an automated message informing them of the status of their application.

  3. Automated messages help you standardize your company tone and avoid miscommunications while also being able to make customizations to personalize rejection messages and ensure appropriate follow-up with applicants who aren't the right fit.

  4. Throughout the process, everything is captured on a Trello board, from the initial job description to the number of applications received to candidate communications. Plus, your teams can see the process visually in Kanban's bird’s eye view.

Bringing it all together

Integrating your hiring process with your wider business processes on Trello is easy and convenient with the new Hipporello Recruitment Power-up!

By installing Hipporello's Applicant Tracker and adding it to your Trello board, your team can start collaborating in the recruitment process of new colleagues. The Power-up helps you manage all the steps in recruitment and selection without the hassle of outside agencies or expensive and complicated tech. 

Applicant Tracking by Hipporello makes light work of the hiring process and lets you focus on your new employees! Hipporello also offers other solutions for HR teams. You can add Employee Handbook Power-up to create an engaging onboarding document for new hires and communicate company information and policies to the employees with efficiency. If you need an HR ticketing system, then you can add Hipporello Service Desk to handle tickets on Trello by receiving forms and emails as requests to your Trello board.


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