Why Should You Use Trello as an Employee Directory

Why Should You Use Trello as an Employee Directory

Trello Employee Directory
Trello Employee Directory

In the modern workplace, efficient communication and accessibility of information are paramount. As such, the ability to quickly find and contact fellow employees becomes a crucial aspect of daily operations. This is where Trello, a widely utilized project management tool, shines as an unconventional yet effective solution. Leveraging Trello as an Employee Directory provides a streamlined, easy-to-navigate platform for housing employee information.

What is an employee directory? 

An employee directory serves as a comprehensive tool within an organization, storing all relevant details about each employee. By listing each employee`s role and department, the directory also supports collaboration, helping employees find the right collaborators for projects and tasks.

For HR departments, employee directories are important resources for managing employee information, tracking employment history, and keeping records up-to-date. Directories help employees feel a sense of community while promoting networking and social interaction among employees, especially in large organizations.

Why should you use Trello for your employee directory? 

Trello is an excellent platform for maintaining an employee directory due to its flexibility, ease of use, and powerful collaboration features. Once you get hooked on Trello, nobody wants to leave it as it provides a collaborative environment for teams that is easy to manage with great visibility. It allows you to manage multiple HR processes from onboarding to handling employee requests; from using it as an applicant tracking system to planning HR events. It’s also possible to use it for an employee directory. 

Trello's utility as an employee directory stems from its simplicity and practicality, making it an ideal tool even for those with limited technical skills such as HR and recruitment teams. The platform's user-friendly design requires no specialized training, allowing anyone to navigate it with ease. Its clean interface supports both text and images, offering a visually engaging experience. Trello's standard yet adaptable structure provides a consistent format that can be customized to fit unique requirements. Moreover, the platform shines during periods of rapid expansion, as it facilitates quick and easy updates, ensuring your employee directory remains current and accurate. This blend of simplicity, flexibility, and practicality makes Trello an excellent choice for managing your employee directory. If you need a more professional employee directory app, there is a solution for that on Trello as well: Employee Directory Power-up.

In summary, Trello's benefits for an employee directory include:

  • Seamless integration with various HR processes

  • Collaborative environment with great visibility

  • Simplicity and practicality with minimal technical requirements

  • Intuitive design with a clean, visually engaging interface

  • Standard and adaptable structure for unique customization

  • Easy and quick updating, particularly during rapid growth

  • Enhanced functionality with the Employee Directory Power-up for a professional touch.

Employee directory on Trello

What does Employee Directory Power-up for Trello offer?

Hipporello’s Employee Directory App enables you to publish and keep staff information in a company on a web portal, directly from Trello. It’s easily accessible via the web, and employees are searchable by name, department, and position, making work life more convenient and straightforward for everyone.

Many companies use outdated methods for employees to find one another, like online ‘contact pages’, but in many cases, these pages aren’t up-to-date. Or, the system may not be user-friendly, causing people to spend too much searching. In the end, many people may be turned off using it. 

As the Employee Directory for Trello contains all employee information in real-time, it’s easy for staff members to quickly and efficiently access any employee information, no matter where they are.

The directory is always up-to-date with all employees and their necessary information. Staff members can easily complete an advanced search, and the system is so secure that when a staff member leaves the company, they lose all the information in the directory and are also removed from it.

Let’s learn more about the easy-to-use employee directory for Trello:

Use Employee Directory Power-Up for free

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Capabilities of Trello Employee Directory Power-up: 

  • Non-Trello users can access employee information on a web portal without needing to be members of a board. 

  • People assigned as admins can edit staff information and can also add a new department. 

  • Any employees whose information has been added by an admin can update their information by logging into the portal. Admins must be a Trello board admin or a Hipporello workspace admin. Logged-in users can view the following pages: Employees, Departments, Department detail, Search

  • New employee information can be added from inside Trello as new staff members join the company.

Employee Directory Portal

Why should you install Employee Directory on your Trello?

There are various benefits to having an employee directory power-up.

Build Better Working Relationships

When you can place a face to a name, you’re already close to fostering a better workplace relationship. Instead of flicking through a paper directory or scrolling through countless numbers on your phone, you can see more information about your colleague by quickly looking online.

This makes it easier to pinpoint who’s who and can help you avoid awkwardness if you haven’t met someone yet. A corporate directory app allows for a more human, social experience among work peers.

Boost Employee Engagement

When staff members can source information directly, they feel more empowered and in control of their work. As such, this helps increase employee engagement. 

Not only that but an employee directory app makes it easier to quickly and easily access knowledge sources, data, and other information without having to stop what you’re doing and lose momentum while asking others for contact information.

Strengthens the Company Culture

When people know how they fit into the company, it makes it easier to establish their identity and purpose in the business. A phone directory app helps you create a personalized social channel that can strengthen your company culture and make people feel part of something bigger.

Collaboration is Easier

With an employee directory, collaboration between colleagues becomes much easier. A directory is an excellent way to connect staff members and make it easier to collaborate between teams or departments.

For example, if you want to set up a system to improve the onboarding of new staff members, you can use a business directory. You can see which coworkers have the most relevant experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals and can reach out.

Improved Onboarding

When someone new joins the company, they may easily become overwhelmed with the new names and faces. It may be incredibly confusing as to who’s responsible for what.

It can be embarrassing reaching out to team members all the time to remind you who’s who. By using a staff directory, you can lessen the risk of awkward onboarding situations for staff members who are struggling with names and professions.

All new hires have to do is check the directory to understand what people’s names are and who is responsible for what.

Employee Directory on Trello

Start your Hipporello Employee Directory Power-up Today

An employee directory is more than just helping people find each other. It enhances the way people work, helping with everyday tasks and allowing them to access the information they need.

An employee directory power-up helps people engage with their colleagues, understand who works in which department in an organization, and easily search for people based on their skills and expertise. Not only that, but an employee directory app is excellent for improved collaboration and onboarding of new staff members.

A Trello for business employee directory is sure to benefit your company and colleagues in various ways. Welcome to a new way of working.


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Employee Directory Power-Up for Trello

Employee Directory Power-Up for Trello

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Use Employee Directory Power-Up for free

Use Employee Directory Power-Up for free

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