Supercharge Your Hiring: The Best 5 Trello Templates and Power-ups for Hiring Managers

Supercharge Your Hiring: The Best 5 Trello Templates and Power-ups for Hiring Managers

Trello for Hiring and Human Resources
Trello for Hiring and Human Resources

Trello templates and Power-Ups turn Trello into more than just a work management platform; it's now a visual guide that empowers your team to see workflows through interactive boards, lists, and cards. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Trello transcends organizational ease to foster collaboration, making it an ideal tool for HR professionals.

But that's not all! Trello for human resources teams is equipped with tailor-made templates and integrations, all finely tuned to streamline your hiring process.

In this article, we'll unlock Trello's best practices, showcase top-notch templates, and explore powerful Trello Power-Ups. These resources are designed to simplify your efforts, so you can focus on what really matters - attracting and hiring top-tier talent efficiently and effectively.

Trello Templates vs. Power-Ups: Understanding the Difference

Before we look at the various Trello templates and Trello Power-Ups for hiring managers, it's important to understand how these tools differ and what each offers.

Trello Templates for Human Resources

Trello templates are pre-built Trello hiring board layouts encompassing Trello best practices designed for specific use cases like recruiting, new hire onboarding, etc. Trello templates:

  • Provide predefined lists, cards, members, attachments, and board settings out of the box.

  • Allow customization to tailor your workflow, such as adding/removing elements.

  • Great for getting started quickly with an established structure.

  • Limited in terms of additional functionality beyond basic Trello.

Trello Power-Ups for Human Resources

Power-Ups allow you to extend Trello's capabilities beyond out-of-the-box features and implement advanced Trello best practices. Trello Power-Ups:

  • Expand features like forms, automation, calendars, analytics, and more.

  • Require installation within Trello, but no coding is needed.

  • Offer advanced functionality beyond what Trello provides out of the box.

  • A wide range is available, both free and paid.

In summary, Trello templates provide starter frameworks, while Trello power-ups extend features and allow you to use your Trello board for hiring, onboarding, and managing employees. Many hiring managers' use cases combine both for maximum effectiveness.

Master the Hiring Workflow using Trello for Hiring

Trello templates give you ready-made boards pre-configured for different use cases, like recruiting. Let's explore the best template for hiring.

The Trello Recruitment Template

The Recruitment Template provides an excellent foundation for managing your hiring pipeline from start to finish.

 Here's an overview of how it works:

  • Create a card for each open position and move it through hiring stages like "Open Requisition," "Phone Screen," "In-Person Interview," etc. represented as lists.

  • Attach relevant documents like job descriptions and interview questions to position cards for easy access.

  • Use checklists on each card to define hiring steps and track status.

  • Add members and deadlines for key hiring milestones to keep everyone aligned.

With this Trello template, you get an automated hiring workflow to visualize your Trello recruiting funnel on a Trello hiring board. Team members can get a snapshot of where candidates are in the process at any time.

The template is fully customizable - add/remove lists and cards to match your specific hiring stages and needs. Trello's flexibility makes tailoring the board to your recruiting process simple. 

Streamline Your Hiring with Trello's Applicant Tracking Power-Up

Hiring top talent efficiently is critical for any organization's success. However, managing the end-to-end recruitment process can be messy using spreadsheets and email. That's where Trello's Applicant Tracking Power-Up comes in - providing a seamless solution for posting jobs, accepting applications, and tracking candidates right on your Trello hiring boards.

This power-up eliminates the need for separate applicant tracking software by enabling robust recruiting workflows directly in Trello. The Applicant Tracking Power-Up makes recruiting and candidate management a breeze by automating routine tasks. It ranks as one of the best power-ups in the Trello new hire onboarding cluster.

Here are some of the key capabilities:

  • Create job postings using pre-made templates and publish them to a customized online career portal with your branding in just a few clicks.

  • Accept applications through online forms, which automatically create a Trello card for each submission populated with the candidate's details.

  • Review resumes, communicate with applicants, and request additional documents like cover letters right from the Trello cards.

  • Send an email to the candidate from the card to set an interview date or ask for more information. Follow the thread of the conversation on the same card.

  • Use Trello's Kanban boards to map out hiring stages and easily drag and drop candidate cards through the pipeline.

  • Leverage features like due dates, assignments, and checklists to keep the process moving forward and organized.

  • Take notes and collaborate with colleagues involved in hiring directly on candidate cards.

  • Gain insights into your funnel with reports on application volume, time-to-hire, and more.

  • Customize online forms, career sites, application workflows, and everything in between to match your exact recruiting needs.

With the Applicant Tracking Power-Up, Trello new hire onboarding provides end-to-end applicant management - from job posting to hiring. It gives you complete visibility into your pipeline and brings order to the hiring chaos. Sign up for this power-up today to revamp your recruiting process!

Onboard New Hires Seamlessly with Onboarding Template

Congratulations! You've filled all your open roles! But the hiring process isn't over until your new employees are fully ramped up and productive. This is where Trello's onboarding templates come in handy. Here is the best Trello template for onboarding:

Employee Manual Template

New hires need to learn about your company's policies, benefits, technology, and more. With this Employee manual template, you can create a living employee handbook on a Trello board for the onboarding of new hires.

 With this template, you can:

  • Use lists to organize manuals by topics like company overview, time-off policies, dress code, etc.

  • Create a card for each section and include details or attach files.

  • Update in real-time so it's always current.

  • Share securely with specific new hires via member permissions.

Your customized manual ensures employees can self-serve to access needed onboarding information at any time.

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Employee Handbook Power-up to Onboard New Employees

Fostering transparency and ensuring easy access to critical information is vital for teams. This is where the integration of Trello with the Employee Handbook Power-up comes to play. By utilizing this unique combination on a gated web portal, companies can provide employees with continual access to company policies, procedures, vision, and mission, and even draft policies directly through their Trello boards. 

With the power-up, you can:

  • Share company policies, procedures, vision, and mission with employees on a web portal

  • Showcase information in a hierarchical order 

  • Search articles easily on the web portal

  • Enhance transparency as a company culture

Whether it's the company handbook or vital policy documents, everything is just a click away on Trello, paving the way for a well-informed and aligned workforce. The Employee Handbook Power-up brings these incredible capabilities to Trello, streamlining internal communications and boosting efficiency.

Employee Directory Power-Up to Connect New Hires and Manage Leave Requests

Understanding who's who is vital for new hires but often challenging. Trello's Employee Directory Power-up creates an employee organizational chart on your board to sync with tools like their phone directory or intranet site. This power-up creates an interactive staff directory and an effective leave management system. 

Its features include:

  • Ability to build employee profiles on cards with details like job title, department, contact info, birthday, etc.

  • Drag cards to publish profiles to a directory web portal.

  • Add/update profiles easily as your team changes.

  • Employees can search the directory to connect with coworkers.

  • Employees can request leaves and managers can handle leave requests

Employee Directory Power-up provides a user-friendly way for new staff to put names to faces and know who handles what while allowing employees and managers to handle leave requests with ease. 

The Final Takeaway: Say Goodbye to Hiring Headaches with Trello

Trello gives hiring managers and human resources professionals the ability to streamline and simplify recruiting, onboarding, and keeping and managing employee information. Attract top talent faster, organize applicant data seamlessly, onboard new hires effectively, and know who’s who in your workforce.

With customizable pipelines, automated workflows, and collaboration capabilities, Trello enables you to build a tailored hiring process that meets your team's specific needs. The Applicant Tracking for Trello handles the entire candidate journey - from intelligent job postings to organized applicant tracking and structured interviews, providing order and visibility to your recruitment process.

Onboarding new employees becomes smooth and engaging with Employee Handbook for Trello while Employee Directory for Trello helps new employees ramp up faster with a collaborative hub for getting acquainted, learning more about colleagues, and managing their leave requests.

Have you enjoyed this content? Have a look at our blog to catch up with the latest Trello updates and industry trends. Trello with Hipporello Power-ups for HR is designed to ease up hiring and human resources work processes. To boost your productivity further, see all the Trello Power-Ups by Hipporello. You can also discover the unique Trello Power-Ups designed for business teams of any size.

Trello for Recruitment

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