Leverage Trello for a Free Knowledge Base

Leverage Trello for a Free Knowledge Base

Knowledge bases serve as a dynamic and accessible reservoir of information, unlocking several tangible benefits for businesses. They enable businesses to increase operational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline internal operations. An indispensable tool for streamlining complex inquiries, lowering support tickets, promoting client self-service, and ultimately raising satisfaction levels is a well-organized knowledge library. Additionally, knowledge bases encourage continual learning and growth within teams, resulting in a workforce that is more knowledgeable and effective.

In this blog, we'll be discussing the 100% free 24/7 Knowledge Base Power-up that integrates seamlessly with Trello. In other words, it won’t cost you an extra cent of investment to bolster your business’s bottom line. 

What Is A Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base is a structured repository of internal data such as product details, employee records, market reports, and customer data. 

The key to an effective knowledge base is a simple layout that ensures easy navigation and direct query typing. These more simplistic iterations provide a wealth of information through guides and articles that are categorized to help with easy access. Typically, navigation is intuitive, so users can quickly and directly type in queries. 

Why Do Companies Need Knowledge Base Software?

Knowledge base software is essential as it provides on-demand access to crucial data. Be it a tricky technical question from a customer or an employee seeking information about company policies, knowledge base software offers instant access to answers.

Anyway, your team couldn’t possibly remember all of this information off the top of their head–yet they’ll need it when the time comes.

For instance, a customer can call support with a confounding technical question beyond the scope of your service rep. Knowledge base software gives your team seamless access to a complex question through a few clicks of a mouse and a couple of presses of a keyboard. 

Another example could be an employee wanting to find information on workplace policies or procedures, like sick days or even ethical issues. They can simply log onto the knowledge base software and gather that information instantaneously instead of trying to locate the appropriate HR or leadership staff for answers.

Also, it diminishes the workload on the support team as knowledge base software can offer customers helpful information and insights about your products/services 24/7 so they don’t have to call (or wait) for your customer support team.

Benefits Of Using Trello As A Knowledge Base

Trello's Knowledge Base Power-up guarantees seamless accessibility to vital business information. Trello, renowned for its intuitive task-management features and Kanban-style, adds a power-packed knowledge base to its portfolio. Key benefits include:

  • No learning curve and minimal distractions.

  • Quick integration and implementation.

  • Direct resource publishing from Trello.

  • Collaboration with other Trello members to create resources.

  • Trello's Knowledge Base stands out in its ability to offer customization based on your branding needs, unlike its competitors. 

So, why not use one of the other well-known knowledge-base software like Zendesk Guide and Confluence? What separates Trello’s knowledge base software from the rest?

Let’s first look at Zoho Desk–it’s a helpful tool, but it’s costly and lacks customizability. Conversely, Trello enables you to customize your knowledge base portal based on your branding and overall needs.

Confluence presents issues with permissions, allowing users to jumble up information and impeding the experience of customers and employees alike. Trello is highly organized and offers reliable permissions. 

The critical advantage of Trello’s knowledge base is combining the above features with everything else Trello offers. For example, a tool like Zoho Desk can be highly useful–but Zoho Desk only offers help desk solutions. Alternatively, Trello’s knowledge base’s top-tier capabilities are one more component of premier turnkey software with a suite of features that bolster business efficiency.

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Knowledge Base On Trello:

Setting up a Trello Knowledge Base is straightforward:

  • Start with a free Trello account and add the Knowledge Base Power-up on the Trello Board.

  • To create an article for your knowledge base, create a new Trello card, click the 'Create An Article' button, and write your content. This article could be anything, from FAQs to a self-serving guide for employees.

  • Choose the article level (Main Article, Sub-Article, or Further Sub-Article) to maintain the hierarchy. The navigation bar on the portal will be organized with this hierarchy. 

  • Once you draft the article, click 'Publish' to make it live on the knowledge base portal.

  • Customize your portal to align with your branding and needs.

    It’s honestly that easy. You don’t need to pay anything extra for these features–there’s no credit card required to try! This Power-up is seamlessly accessible, highly intuitive, and ready to give your business a competitive edge.

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Best Example Of The Trello Knowledge Base

Do you want to see the Trello Knowledge Base Power-up in action? Look no further than our own knowledge base at Hiporello. 

You’ll see that everything you’d need to know about our power-ups, products, and services is instantaneously available. Plus, the page is customized with our branding with a sleek, professional design we’re proud to show off to our customers and employees.

Also, you’ll notice a lot of information on our knowledge base. Yet, all available resources are streamlined and accessible. It’s not jumbled. Instead, the page has visual harmony that encourages users to search for the information they need. 

Summarizing Trello’s Knowledge Base Power-up

In conclusion, the Trello Knowledge Base Power-up is an invaluable tool. It not only provides self-service guides to customers and aids in employee onboarding but also responds to FAQs, saving precious customer support time. With no upfront investment, Trello’s Knowledge Base by Hipporello is ready to give your business a competitive edge while enhancing your business efficiency. 

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Try Knowledge Base Power-Up for Free

Try Knowledge Base Power-Up for Free

Start your 14-days Free Trial of Premium plan

Start your 14-days Free Trial of Premium plan

Try Knowledge Base Power-Up for Free

Try Knowledge Base Power-Up for Free

Start your 14-days Free Trial of Premium plan