How to Use Trello for Human Resources & Recruitment Teams

How to Use Trello for Human Resources & Recruitment Teams

HR professionals are Jacks and Jills of all trades, a unique part of any company. While employees focus on customers or clients, HR teams take a more reflective role—they focus on the business itself and the people who make it work. At the same time, HR teams wear many hats: recruiters, referees, crisis counselors, trainers, teachers, and rule informers. We can even include the fun parts of office life, like people operations and party planning. 

In all these tasks and plans, how can HR teams stay organized, efficient, and productive with many responsibilities? To make the life of HR teams easier, it’s necessary to adopt utilizing productivity tools like Trello. 

Trello for HR is an excellent tool for managing HR processes in one central place. Trello not only allows workflow and task tracking but also with the help of Trello Power-Ups (smart integrations for Trello boards), Trello can be utilized for job advertisements, employee handbooks, and many more… 

Learn more about how HR teams can integrate Trello boards for the heavy lifting of recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and more so HR professionals can do what they do best.

Collaborative Hiring with Trello for HR

The first step to hiring the right people is finding them, and with Trello and Hipporello’s Applicant Tracking Trello Power-up, publishing jobs, and recruiting candidates through a web portal are done in minutes. The hiring pipeline is set up as a Trello list identifying the steps of your hiring process, and applicant information is populated on cards that can move from one list to the next with a drag and drop. The ATS Power-up also serves as a job board—your internal team simply writes the job description and application form on a card, and it’s published automatically on a branded external web portal. 

Trello Applicant Tracking Workflow

With powerful collaboration tools like Trello, your HR team can enjoy a birds-eye view of what’s happening in your pipeline, and collaboration during interviews and selection. Let’s see how it works and what it offers for the hiring process in detail:

Create job advertisement on Trello

The ATS power-up allows you to create a job advertisement portal directly from the Trello board. I can hear you saying “how”. Like all Hipporello’s Power-Ups, ATS comes with a web interfacing portal that extracts its data from the Trello board. You can create new job openings by creating new cards and adding the necessary information such as job description to the card. When you drag the card under the published list, the job advertisement will be published on the portal. You can share the link to the portal on your website or social media to receive applicants. 

Keep applicant data under one Trello board

When a new application is received, potential hires' information is added to a card and includes all the data, including a resume or other requested files, in one spot - your Trello board. All files in one place eliminate the risk of missing email attachments, poorly formatted data, and inconsistent files. Just as each candidate has their cards on the board, it's as easy for recruiters and HRs to evaluate candidates.

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the hiring process on Trello

The Kanban-style format on HR Trello boards and drag-and-drop abilities for the cards will give your HR team a high-level view of candidates in real-time. Trello offers visual cues, including checklists, tagging, and color coding for boards and cards, also ATS Power-up can add a new dimension to your overall recruitment pipeline review. Hipporello’s workflow makes it easy to organize applicants further and move them through the recruitment cycle. 

Evaluate candidates with team members inside Trello

Evaluating candidates post-interview can be daunting, but Trello for HR lets you catch your thoughts in one location. Teammates can hold candidate discussions directly on the board, cutting down on inefficient recap meetings. The debate will be readily available when that last interviewer finally gets to their response!

Connect with candidates from Trello cards

With the ATS Power-up’s conversation module, it is possible to send a message to the candidates directly from a Trello card which is created at the application. It makes it even easier to keep track of all the information about the candidates in one location.

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Invite non-Trello collaborators or consultants to Trello card or board 

If your interview process includes outside agencies or stakeholders, they can also participate in the conversation on Trello—without an account. Hipporello’s Card Sharing Power-up lets you securely share specific cards with non-Trello users on a card-by-card basis. 

Improved HR Onboarding on Trello

A company’s culture is only as good as its employee onboarding. An excellent first impression leaves new hires confident and engaged, and Trello for HR teams can help you create an onboarding they’ll love. 

Standardize onboarding with an employee handbook

The first few days of a new job are hectic. Employees are learning to navigate a new job and new coworkers while you and your HR teammates are working to collect their information and set them up for success. It’s not surprising that some parts of onboarding are forgotten! 

The company employee handbook is the guiding light for employees, especially for newcomers but unfortunately, it’s out of sight and out of mind for most teammates. However, it can be leveraged for information sharing. Instead of sharing all the information on the first day, HR professionals can use Hipporello’s Employee Handbook Power-up to build, share, and update the employee handbook as a dynamic, easy-to-use tool. With the ability to tag and color code, the employee handbook becomes much more straightforward to navigate—and that empowers employees to find answers to HR and company-related questions and stay aligned with the company.  

Checklists and boards ensure your new hire gets all the details they need without missing a step— and with Trello for HR teams, they can refer back to catch details they may have forgotten. Standardized onboarding empowers your new hires to jump in confidently. 

Publish all policies and requirements on the employee handbook web portal from Trello

Most companies have dozens, if not hundreds, of employee policies, and the average employee doesn’t read one.  With Employee Handbook Power-up on Trello, your HR team can update policies instantly and publish them on a customized web portal employees can access. When policies are this simple to manage, employees won’t be able to say, “I didn’t know!”

Transparent company culture with Trello

It’s essential to get to know your staff and those you work with daily and find their information quickly. How often have you looked for a colleague’s phone number on their email signature that wasn’t listed? Hipporello’s Employee Directory Power-up efficiently organizes employee data for your company and has some great extra benefits.

Keep all employee information on Trello

A company organization chart with employee information makes it easier to showcase a transparent structure. As the teams and positions evolve, with the help of Hipporello Directory Power-up, the information can be edited and published from Trello cards. 

HR ticketing management on Trello

An HR ticketing system helps companies automate employee requests, allowing them to be resolved in a timely and consistent manner. With Hipporello Service Desk Power-up, companies can turn their Trello into a fully-functioning service desk for HR.

An employee can submit a ticket for HR-related questions via email or form on a branded portal. A Trello card is created for each request, and the ticket or the card can be either manually or automatically assigned to the responsible team member. It also allows holding two-way communication directly from the card, keeping all the related information under the same roof.

With the help of the web portal of Service Desk for Trello, the requestor can track the status of the ticket and rate the process.

Manage HR Ticketing on Trello

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BONUS: Access rights for HRs on Hipporello Workspace

HR professionals have access to lots of sensitive and private information, some of which are legally required to keep under wraps! Trello Power-ups allow your team to remain a good steward of the information your employees give you with robust card-level permissions. Grant or block access on an as-needed basis and keep your data safe. 

This same level of privacy applies to forms within Trello as well. Hipporello Power-ups let you decide who can view what web page or document. Enjoy ease and security for your most sensitive tasks. 

Hipporello Empowers Trello for HR Teams

Trello makes your job as an HR professional more efficient and fun. Learn more about Hipporello’s suite of ready-to-use Power-ups or discover how our team can build a custom Power-up for your HR challenges. 

Have you enjoyed this content? Have a look at our blog to catch up with the latest Trello updates and industry trends. To boost your productivity further, see the other Trello Power-Ups designed for teams. You can also discover the unique Trello Power-ups for business processes by Hipporello.

Discover Trello Power-Ups for HR

Discover Trello Power-Ups for HR

Discover Trello Power-Ups for HR

Discover Trello Power-Ups for HR