Trello for Support Teams: Challenges They Face Daily and Solutions to Them

Trello for Support Teams: Challenges They Face Daily and Solutions to Them

Trello for Support Teams: Challenges They Face Daily and Solutions to Them

Trello for Support Teams: Challenges They Face Daily and Solutions to Them

As team managers, you know that running a support team can be challenging—but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. No matter your company size or industry, all support teams face similar challenges daily. Keeping up with customer queries, staying organized, ensuring in-team communication and finding efficient solutions can quickly become daunting.

This blog post will look at four common challenges support teams face and how to overcome them with simple strategies on Trello. Implementing these strategies in your organization can reduce stress and eliminate wasted time while improving your customer support initiatives.

Here are the four most common challenges and how Trello Power-ups built for support teams by Hipporello can help you solve them. 

Finding the right tool to manage customer tickets

Challenge: Managing customer tickets often hinges on using the right tools, integrations, and processes. For instance, a system might include forms connected to emails, a shared inbox, Slack channels, and complicated SOPs. With so many places to gather information and connections with apps that can fail, human error can lead to miscommunication and missed opportunities to serve customers.

Solution: The solution lies in using Hipporello's Service Desk Power Up for Trello. This full-service offering can receive and track customer requests with form and email communications on Trello. 

This approach's vast benefits include the ability to communicate with clients, access management capabilities, and user tracking insights for valuable information about IPs, countries, browsers, email delivery, and opening and clicking statistics. 

service desk for Trello

You only need a free Trello account and the Hipporello Service Desk —an affordable solution that includes a free 14-day premium trial period. 

This service is beneficial for any business which needs to manage customer tickets efficiently. The easy integration of Trello through Hipporello’s Service Desk Power Up, offering users access to public forms or restricted access policies and tracking user behavior through IP tracking information, makes this an ideal tool for managing customer tickets quickly yet effectively. Additionally, it eliminates the need to jump back and forth between different tools that might be cost-prohibitive or difficult to learn.

service desk for trello

Managing a high volume of requests

Challenge: With the increased demand for services and support, teams often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of internal and external requests. This can create problems when appropriately responding to every request in a timely fashion and ensuring that no one gets ignored—especially those angry customers— or that representatives prioritize requests correctly. Furthermore, there is an increased risk of lost information when managing multiple requests simultaneously, making it challenging to provide thorough and accurate customer service.

Solution: To ensure that high volumes of internal and external requests are managed efficiently, teams can take advantage of advanced automation by Hipporello Service Desk. This will help them quickly triage requests, assign roles and responsibilities, prioritize tasks based on urgency, and document all communication records. Additionally,  team leaders and supervisors can use Trello boards and cards to track progress on individual requests throughout their lifecycle so teams can have greater visibility into their workloads. With the help of Trello along with Service Desk Power-up, teams can better manage large volumes of requests with ease while also keeping accurate records for customer satisfaction purposes.

Another solution is to use the Knowledge Base Power-Up for Trello to offer customers a 24/7 self-service portal. Collate frequently asked questions and service/product guides, and make sure you refer customers to your knowledge base when the need arises. This helps reduce customer tickets and allows for a support system that is on 24/7, unlike most support teams.

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Answering repetitive questions

Challenge: Often, team members have to answer repetitive questions, including time-consuming processes, difficulty finding answers to difficult questions, and an inability to update answers quickly. Time is of the essence in support teams as they need to respond rapidly to customer inquiries; however, dealing with repetitive questions can be a slow process as each response needs to be crafted individually. Additionally, if a customer has a question that requires comprehensive research or thought, it can take time for team members to find the correct answer quickly. The inability to update outdated information promptly can lead customers astray if they refer back to an old solution. 

Solution: The solution for these challenges is Trello for support teams connected with Hipporello's Service Desk for canned answers and a Knowledge Base, both built on Trello. By having automated replies stored in Hipporello’s Service Desk, support teams can save time by choosing the saved responses, which are easily customizable. Furthermore, through Trello’s public boards or blogs, team members can create and update content, so customers receive up-to-date information at any given time. In addition, by allowing customers access to public web pages that use Trello cards as a database for reference material, team members won’t need to spend additional time sending requests multiple times, creating further efficiency within the team.

Knowledge Base on Trello

Hiring & onboarding customer support reps

Challenge: Hiring and onboarding customer support reps can be challenging, especially for businesses with growing teams. Customer service reps are often the face of your organization and have more integration and access to your customers than anyone else. Having the right people in place and making sure they follow the same guidelines are keys to successful support services. 

Solution: Applicant Tracking Power-up by Hipporello allows you to create job openings, receive job applicants and manage the whole hiring process on Trello. Hiring managers can also send messages to candidates directly from the card, helping to store all the relevant information about the candidate on Trello.

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Once a new employee is hired, all you need to add them to the Trello board with Service Desk. They'll have access to the previous tickets, and canned responses to frequently asked questions, which is handy to speed up the onboarding process.

Moreover, there is a need to onboard the new team member to the company as well. Employee Handbook Power-up by Hipporello is a handy choice to provide information about policies and procedures and provide a comprehensive resource for training materials.

Giving high-quality customer support with Trello + Hipporello

Overcoming the hurdles your team faces will help create an environment of success and collaboration. From communication breakdowns to keeping everyone engaged, there are so many potential issues that could arise. But we have good news: Solutions exist for these obstacles—all it takes is knowing how to recognize them and address them correctly. You build a successful customer support team within your existing Trello workflows.

With Trello Power-ups by Hipporello, you’ll see that using Trello for support teams is incredibly efficient for managing projects, processes, and collaborating. They can benefit your team by organizing your systems in one place. They are also easy to learn and use, boasting a familiar Kanban-style format to help everyone stay on the same page. Trello enables internal team members and external, non-Trello clients to connect efficiently, saving time and resources. 

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