Trello for Startups: How to Work Smarter and Get More Done in Less time

Trello for Startups: How to Work Smarter and Get More Done in Less time

Lots of people dream of having their own business. In fact, almost half of all Americans are planning to start a business in 2024. But while the idea of being your own boss and following your passion is exciting, the reality of starting a business can be tough.

From hiring the right people to finding customers, there are plenty of ups and downs when it comes to running a startup. That’s why Hipporello has created Trello Power-Ups that can help solve many common startup problems in an affordable way where they are managing projects, in Trello.

If you’re currently facing the first growing pains of your startup, keep reading to discover some solutions to the biggest challenges of startup life.

Robust Trello solutions for Startup problems by Hipporello 

Here, we’ll cover a few of the top challenges as well as our Trello Power-Ups that any startup can utilize and benefit from.

Hiring and Onboarding: Finding the Right People

Hiring is important in any business, but in a start-up, each role is mission-critical, so hiring the right people is not just essential—it’s a matter of success or failure. Hipporello’s Applicant Tracking Power-Up helps you handle your hiring process end-to-end, from designing a job ad and publishing it online to receiving job applications as Trello cards and communicating with applicants from inside Trello.

Invite any team member to your Applicant Tracking board and make sure you make the most out of collaborative hiring. The Power-Up includes a complete hiring workflow with Trello lists, a career page, a job application form, a branded web portal, automated messages to applicants, and more.

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Plus, startups often have a fast-paced, fluid atmosphere in which everyone pitches in to achieve goals. Hires are expected to make a fast start, while the time and resources for onboarding are limited. Regardless of the conditions, hires need to be aligned with the company's mission and be able to not only work with a team but also fit in culturally. This can be achieved through Hipporello’s Employee Handbook Power-up for Trello that helps startup teams to have an employee portal with all the important information in it. This not only eases but also standardizes onboarding processes while helping you be aligned with regulations as needed. 

Winning Customers’ Trust and Keeping Communication Channels Open

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. But when you're just starting out, it can be tough to build trust and get your name out there. One of building trust is to maintain good and timely support and effective communication with clients. Hipporello's Service Desk Power-Up can help with that. Trello becomes a communication hub for service issues, questions, requests, bug reporting, and more by translating communication from email or forms into Trello cards.

Plus, with Hipporello’s Status Page Power-Up, Trello can communicate system downtime, scheduled maintenance, bug fixes, and other issues so customers and leads will never have to wonder what’s happening behind the scenes. Updating the page is as easy as drag and drop and can do wonders for maintaining trust in the product or service.

Building Online Presence

Another handy tool to have is a 24/7 self-service help center which clients can visit to find answers to their questions. Our Knowledge Base Power-Up allows you to publish articles on a knowledge base portal. The Power-Up also allows users to fill out a contact us form for the questions they cannot find answers to.

All the Trello Power-Ups by Hipporello include customizable web portals and pages for complete consistency.

Managing Overhead Subscription Costs

As the team and business grow, so do the software and tool needs. Payroll apps, office and design subscriptions, and other software costs can quickly balloon, especially if owners try new applications to streamline the business. It’s easy to subscribe to multiple platforms with automatic renewals at $10 or $20 per month—but those small increments add up. 

The average startup spends nearly $2000 monthly on software and programs to keep the business running. However, apps that may seem helpful initially could be redundant with existing solutions. 

Making wise choices and using a central platform for multiple business process needs is essential in lowering the learning curve and subscription costs for the team. 

Discover Trello Power-Ups for Startups

One Trello Power-up maker for multiple business processes needs and teams in a startup 

Trello, a popular app among startups, is easy to learn and affordable, and it's a powerful way to solve your startup challenges. With Hipporello's Power-Ups, Trello transforms from a project management app to a one-stop shop for hiring, marketing, and customer support.

Feel comfortable canceling all the extra apps connecting areas of business! A Hipporello Workspace that hosts all Trello Power-Ups helps to manage people, subscriptions, and data from one central hub. With Hipporello, startup owners can enjoy one tool for most end-to-end business processes built on the power and ease of Trello. 

All the Hipporello Power-Ups for Trello that you install are hosted in a Hipporello Workspace. This allows you to:

  • See all power-ups in a centralized location.

  • View and manage all the users you’ve interacted with through Hipporello’s web portal or email.

  • View and manage all the team members.

  • Manage billing for all the Trello Power-ups by Hipporello centrally.

  • See what other Trello power-ups are available and add new ones.

  • Delete, remove or deactivate some Power-ups when you want t take a break.

  • Design your web portal for branding purposes.

A Hipporello Workspace gives you peace of mind as it brings together multiple solutions under one roof, making them easy to manage.

Modern Solutions for Timeless Challenges with Hipporello

Starting a business will bring challenges—it’s the nature of turning a dream into reality. Thankfully, today’s startup founders can enjoy sophisticated yet simple solutions in one place! Visit Hipporello to learn more about these solutions, and discover how our team can build a custom app for your startup.

Discover Trello Power-Ups for Startups

Discover Trello Power-Ups for Startups