Trello for Information Technology (IT) Teams

Trello for Information Technology (IT) Teams

Trello for Information Technology (IT) Teams

Trello for Information Technology (IT) Teams

Trello is one of the most popular productivity tools, preferred by different teams and various business needs, including Information Technology (IT) teams. 

IT teams keep essential parts of the company working, like troubleshooting computer issues and fixing connection errors so other teams can perform their tasks.

However, even though Information Technology teams can be divided into groups such as IT architecture, IT security, developers, and customer support, they in general face challenges in day-to-day operations like any other group. Some challenges that can frustrate team members are:

  • Poor communication with internal teams or clients

  • Lack of organization 

  • Collaborative problem-solving.

These challenges can be overcome by leveraging Trello for IT teams with Hipporello's unique Power-Ups.

Poor communication

IT Teams are tasked with complex issues that can ripple effects on the entire company, so when they start a project, most want to work diligently until the problem is fixed. In the meantime, they might also need to communicate with other internal teams or clients about the problem.

Communicating with internal teams:

From the perspective of another internal team, radio silence on an issue may seem like a problem while IT team staff often prefer to wait until a bug is fixed or a problem is solved before communicating it to the rest of the company. Unfortunately, poor communication can lead to mistrust and a further siloed team. 

IT Help Desk for internal bug tracking

Trello for bug tracking with Hipporello Service Desk

The struggles of IT teams to document bug reports and document fixes at every step correctly can be a significant undertaking. This difficulty is compounded when multiple team members collaborate in different areas of the workflow. Trello for IT is an increasingly popular solution to this challenge, as it simplifies these processes with a user-friendly interface. 

Hipporello's Service Desk makes tracking bugs even more accessible by allowing you to collect bug reports from internal and external users in Trello cards and manage their progress through the Trello board. IT teams everywhere stand to benefit from Hipporello's comprehensive bug-tracking system, ensuring that all issues get resolved no matter how complex they may be. Also, Trello workflow allows teams to manage bugs easily. 

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Communicating with clients:

Poor communication can also exacerbate external customer issues. While internal stakeholders may understand some of the problems in the IT world, external customers likely do not. Limited or nonexistent communication about a system issue or downtime can hurt the public’s trust in the product or service—but a simple message or alert can save the day. 

Status Page Power-Up to communicate system downtime to clients

Whether running an IT department or using Trello for communicating the status of SaaS applications, keeping users up-to-date on issues is critical. 

Hipporello's Status Page Power-up, a powerful addition to Trello for IT, allows your team to alert users of scheduled maintenance, report incidents, and share new features by posting updates from Trello to a branded external portal. The Power-up’s conversation feature enables team members to collaborate and evaluate or resolve any issues immediately within the team and publishing, so keeping everyone on the same page during communication of an incident is straightforward. 

Lack of organization

The goal of most IT teams is functionality: they want to provide a product or service that works like it’s supposed to. Whether IT staff are building complex systems from scratch or setting up the building’s WiFi, the ultimate goal is a function. IT professionals work quickly and with agility—a benefit for keeping end-users happy and a product running smoothly, but not great for tracking, logging, documentation, and communicating with the rest of the team. 

Multiple platforms for internal communication can also lead to a disorganized workflow. Information can easily get lost when IT teams share details through email, chat apps, intranet sites, and other platforms. When teams are switching between platforms, information can be misconstrued or miscommunicated. Ineffective organization wastes time and leads to a defective product.

Trello is a great tool to help IT teams improve communication and collaboration and to keep the work and the team organized in the day-to-day operations. Some of the initial benefits of Trello for IT team challenges include: 

  • Stay on top of the issues while keeping the communication flowing within the team as well as the customers

  • Keep information on a single source for better organization 

  • Track workflow and collaborate to problem-solving by increasing visibility and engagement

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Hipporello boosts efficiency on Trello for IT teams

Hipporello’s ready-to-use Power-Ups provide a unique way to help IT teams work better and smarter. Using Trello for IT teams can shape their workflow process to improve communication between members, reduce backlogs of tickets, and collaborate easily with other departments. Task management and automation make it easier to assign and track multiple projects, enhancements, or new features from beginning to completion. 

With Hipporello's Power-Ups in place, IT teams can focus on the big picture and optimize efficiency for individual tasks. The improved dynamics of IT team functions create a more organized environment where everyone can focus on delivering the best possible results.

Here are a few specific uses for Hipporello Power-Ups that will make Trello for IT a great choice.

Manage software clutter for IT teams

As teams grow, they increasingly require powerful software to perform necessary tasks. Keeping track of team subscriptions on various platforms can become complex and overwhelming. That's why Trello for IT needs the Hipporello Workspace, a one-stop shop that hosts all your different power-ups so you can manage people, subscriptions, and data from a single point. 

Power-Ups by Hipporello are handy as they cover end-to-end business process needs with a web portal, forms, email integration, automation and more. They allow you to stay on top of all your essential activities without juggling multiple services and accounts. Trello for IT has made it simpler to keep everything organized so you and your team can be more efficient in the workplace.

Hipporello helps your IT teams improve communication, productivity, and transparency on Trello. You can immediately install and start using ready-to-use Power-Ups such as Service Desk and Status Page. You can start from scratch and build your own power-up without code on Trello with Hipporello's No Code App Builder. 

Discover Trello Power-Ups for IT Teams

Discover Trello Power-Ups for IT Teams

Discover Trello Power-Ups for IT Teams

Discover Trello Power-Ups for IT Teams