Trello for Agencies: How to use Trello in Agency

Trello for Agencies: How to use Trello in Agency

Trello for Agencies: How to use Trello in Agency

Trello for Agencies: How to use Trello in Agency

In the agency and consulting worlds, time is money. The time is limited, the clients are demanding, the deadlines are tight and there is a lot to do. Therefore, productivity for agencies and consultants is a must. The more productive you and your team are, the happier your clients will be.  Increasing efficiency can seem daunting as an agency manager or consultant, especially when managing your internal team’s output and client feedback and engagement. 

Fortunately, many tools can help streamline operations and maximize resources, helping to increase productivity, and providing a better service to clients. Our holy grail is Trello. The simple, elegant functionality of Trello, empowered with handy power-ups, makes it essential for agencies and consultants looking to get the most out of their teams. There are many Trello power-ups that can be used to extend the functionality of Trello boards. In this article, we'll share how Trello and Power-ups can be beneficial for agencies and consultants. With their help, you can make managing projects easier and improve workflow processes. Read on to find out how Trello can ease up your business process and which tools your agency should use!

Trello for agencies

Track Project Processes

Trello has revolutionized digital agencies, providing the organizational tools they need to stay on top of work. Trello's project boards allow task management from start to finish, with every minute detail tracked and visible at a glance. Using a Kanban-style format,  Trello’s organized card and lists system allows users to record their tasks, check their progress quickly, and delegate tasks accordingly. Trello also makes it easy for managers to monitor all projects and team members, clearly understanding bottlenecks and where to allocate resources. Trello boards provide a real-time overview of important information that helps teams reach their objectives efficiently and on time. This ensures that everyone involved in the project will always have access to the most up-to-date information, which leads to greater efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness

Manage Requests from Trello Cards 

One of the reasons why Trello is an increasingly popular project management tool for all digital agencies whether specialized in marketing, social media, video production, or PR  is because it helps organizations better manage requests from and communication with their customers to ensure everyone stays on the same page. Also, clients expect responsiveness in their agency and an easy way to get in touch with the internal team through forms and emails. With Hipporello’s Service Desk Power-up, Trello becomes a complete customer hub as all the important information about the clients and the communication are stored in one place: your Trello board. 

The Service Desk Power-up includes intentionally-designed features that digital agencies will find invaluable. Here is what you can manage with Service Desk for Trello. 

Service Desk for Trello

Collect requests and orders with forms-to-board

Hipporello’s Service Desk Power-up makes building forms for customers and colleagues easy! With an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, everyone can easily create their form in no time. Use Hipporello's predefined templates to spin out forms that collect customer requests, feedback, and orders and send the data to the appropriate board. The  Automation feature will save you even more time - simply set up a welcome email automatically sent out when someone submits their first request.

Centralize communication with an email to board 

Shared inboxes—typically support@ or Sales@—can be a nightmare, especially if more than one person has access to the account. With Hipporello’s Service Desk Power-up, you can keep all your emails organized in cards on Trello. No more scrambling to find the latest email account credentials – simply configure and forward to your shared email address to quickly access important messages in one Trello board with cards created automatically with each new message received. It also allows you to keep track of the conversation related with the clients under the same Trello card. 

Communication with email senders or form responders from inside Trello cards

Get your clients' feedback and comments immediately, with no extra effort or use of multiple communication tools, with Service Desk Power-up’s card-to-email capabilities that let you respond to emails on cards without leaving Trello. With a straightforward platform, you can save time - enabling a seamless exchange between those involved in the project.

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Collaborate Like a Pro

You won’t need to add your clients to Trello to welcome them to the conversation. Share your information on Trello with non-Trello customers and clients using Hipporello’s Trello Card Share Power-up. This power-up lets you publish Trello cards in parts or as a whole on a web portal. You can set the privacy level for a group or specific individuals, and they’ll be able to access the information on the card and respond from a secure web portal. This is an ideal solution for gathering client feedback through Trello for agencies and consultants

Trello Card Share

Grow Your Agency & Manage Your Talents 

One of the biggest assets of agencies and consultants is human resources. They wouldn’t exist without intelligent, creative people behind the scenes. When your agency or consultancy business is ready to grow, Trello and Hipporello’s Power-ups can help you find, recruit, and keep top talent. 

Recruit  and Hire with Applicant Tracking System Power-up

You can post your job listing in a breeze and optimize the recruitment process with our seamless solution with Applicant Tracking System Power-up. You can create a job ad on your branded career page in just two minutes that automatically sends applications to your Trello board. With predefined forms and workflows, we'll help keep things smooth and running for maximum efficiency. Trello’s Kanban-style lists and cards give you a clear picture of your recruitment pipeline, from application to hire. Because applications are loaded onto cards, your hiring managers and peer team can easily share feedback as candidates progress. To learn more about how to manage recruitment on Trello, read our blog on recruitment process management on Trello.

Applicant Tracking on Trello

Manage Employees and their skills with Employee Directory Power-up

If your digital agency has a broad range of employees with various skills—for instance, a writers or designers pool—Hipporello’s Employee Directory Power-up is an excellent choice to organize and manage their skills, availability, contact information, and more. Making updates no longer have to be tedious - you can now change information in seconds through a form that publishes to cards and then to a branded web portal, keeping your directory up-to-date. New employees will also benefit from this feature by quickly accessing who their colleagues are and what they do, which enhances engagement and collaboration.

Employee Directory for Trello

Stay on board in a hectic workflow with Trello & Power-ups by Hipporello 

If you're looking for an easy way to make your digital agency and consultancy firm run more smoothly, look no further than Trello, enhanced with Hipporello's Power-ups. Our tools are designed to help you focus on creativity and productivity while streamlining customer service, marketing efforts, human resources, and more. And if you need a custom solution, our team can build any type of Power-up you need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level.

Discover Trello Power-Ups for Agencies

Discover Trello Power-Ups for Agencies

Discover Trello Power-Ups for Agencies

Discover Trello Power-Ups for Agencies