Transforming Trello into a Dynamic Shared Inbox: A Comprehensive Guide

Transforming Trello into a Dynamic Shared Inbox: A Comprehensive Guide

shared inbox
shared inbox

In the digital age, fostering team collaboration and communication is of paramount importance. Shared inboxes serve as a catalyst in this regard, enabling multiple team members to engage in seamless, secure email communication. The benefits multiply when integrated with a robust project management tool like Trello.

This article guides you through using Trello as a dynamic shared inbox. We will delve into the advantages of shared inboxes, explore top-notch shared inbox tools, and uncover best practices for their utilization within Trello. Specifically, we will spotlight how the Hipporello Service Desk Power-up metamorphoses Trello into a shared inbox, significantly elevating its project management competencies.

What is a shared inbox?

A shared inbox app allows multiple team members to manage one or more email addresses. It is ideal for collective email addresses, such as support@, info@, or help@. A shared inbox centralizes messages, regulates user access, and offers essential work management tools.

Certain shared inbox tools have been meticulously designed to sync with specific email clients, like Gmail or Outlook. Some shared inbox tools offer versatility, extending their functionality to a wide array of email clients and platforms like Facebook Messenger, SMS, and chat apps. Thus, they contribute to a comprehensive communication ecosystem.

Benefits of managing email with a shared inbox

Emailing can become insecure, disorganized, and poorly managed if multiple people are signing into and using a single inbox.

A shared inbox is purpose-built for group-based communication. It gives team leaders and members what they need for seamless collaboration, management, and coordination.

Security and Access Management

Sharing passwords compromises organizational security. It increases risk and threat exposure while making it difficult to manage or restrict access.

A shared team inbox allows multiple people to work with the same email address without sharing credentials or user identities. Team managers can set user permissions and restrictions, plus revoke access when required.

You might not want everyone on the team to have full emailing capabilities. Some users might read and forward messages. Others might verify work or send follow-ups.

Collaboration and Project Management

Shared inboxes bring essential collaboration features to team-based emailing. That includes work assignments, seeing who’s working on what, and tracking progress.

While most shared team inbox apps include some task management tools – including ones for managing email work shared by a group, shared inboxes integrated into Trello enhance teamwork, facilitate task assignments, and provide visibility into team members' progress.

Collision prevention detects when a team member has read a message and is responding to it or working on a solution. This prevents multiple people from working on the same task. And it prevents embarrassing customer-facing mistakes like having more than one person follow up on a resolved issue or having different team members send contradictory information.

A team inbox app with more robust management features will let you automate email-related tasks and workflows.

Centralized Communication

Another benefit is that most team inboxes can work with other communication channels – to give a better view of the customer.

It creates a single point of reference where everything is visible. Messages and requests are less likely to fall through the cracks. And productivity and performance shoot up.

Visibility and Accountability

Shared inboxes provide insight into who is interacting with emails, ensuring accountability. 

A team inbox recognizes and shows its different users. You can see exactly who read, drafted, or sent an email.


Shared inboxes offer analytical insights, enabling teams to track performance and improve customer response times. That’s critical for customer-facing teams. 

The 4 best-shared inbox tools

When it comes to enhancing collaborative email management, five shared inbox tools stand out for their unique features and functionalities: Hipporello, Dragapp, Missive, and Hubspot.

Hipporello Service Desk Power- Up turns Trello into a shared inbox and service desk. It centralizes team emailing into Trello and then boosts productivity with embedded forms, ticket management, user access, email-to-Trello cards, and other unique features. Unlike other inbox apps, Hipporello Service Desk lets you leverage the advanced project management capabilities of Trello.

Turn Trello into a shared inbox

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Dragapp is a feature-rich workspace and shared inbox for Gmail tools. It offers task management, internal team chat, activity logs, workflow automation, and lots more. 

Missive is a shared inbox tool built to work with any messaging channel. It supports email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and custom channels. Missive also offers team collaboration features like team chat, tasks, managed signatures, canned responses, a calendar, assignments, and more. 

HubSpot’s conversations tool is a shared inbox that supports Gmail, Office 365, and other email clients, as well as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and HubSpot’s chat apps. This inbox is integrated into HubSpot’s CRM, and it’s centered on customer service work.

How to turn Trello into a shared inbox?

The Hipporello Service Desk Power-up transforms Trello into an ultimate shared inbox. It facilitates communication with non-Trello users, manages tickets, and centralizes team emailing into Trello. This integration allows you to take full advantage of Trello's advanced project management capabilities.

Emails can be received and sent by defining an email address and creating a board just for that email handle. You can then work from within Trello or forward messages to another email address.

Email-to-Board addresses enter incoming messages into a Trello task list. It’s an organized, structured way to receive departmental emails, texts, chat messages, and other communications.

Shared inbox best practices on Trello

Trello’s task tracking and management features are ideal for group work. Enhancing these with shared inbox capabilities enables Trello to bring clarity, structure, organization, and project management to service-related emailing.

Team inboxes can be used to manage and track work, reduce errors, and maintain clear visibility. Here are a few best-practice use cases.

Customer Support

Use a help@ shared inbox board for customer support. Tickets generated from forms or emails can be managed directly from the board. The analytics will help you keep track of response time and other customer success metrics.

Sales CRM

A sales@ shared team inbox can help manage leads and opportunities.In this use case, incoming messages could be received from an embedded form or directly from email.


A jobs@ shared team inbox is excellent for receiving applications and managing different recruiting pipelines.


Fulfillment@, tracking@, or orders@ shared team inbox can coordinate fulfillment based on form requests or direct emails.

Finance & Billing

An accounts_payable@ shared team inbox can streamline invoice receipt and manage accounts payable work.

Public Relations

A pr@ shared team inbox is perfect for managing press campaigns and media contacts.

Virtual Assistant

Create a ceo@ shared team inbox Trello board and then delegate the entire inbox or specific emails to a virtual assistant.

By transforming your single email address into a shared team inbox on Trello with Hipporello’s Service Desk, you can leverage the intuitive framework of Trello's project management platform to enhance collaboration and security, streamline service delivery, and boost productivity.

Operating with several individuals accessing a single email inbox to read, draft, and dispatch messages is not just inefficient, but also poses significant security risks and hinders efficient service delivery.

By transforming your single email address into a shared team inbox on Trello with Hipporello’s Service Desk, you can leverage the intuitive framework of Trello's project management platform to enhance collaboration and security, streamline service delivery, and boost productivity.

Turn Trello into a shared inbox

Turn Trello into a shared inbox