How to Brand Your Hipporello Service Desk to Reflect Your Brand

How to Brand Your Hipporello Service Desk to Reflect Your Brand

Branding is important, we know it all by now, not only because it makes a memorable impression on customers, but it also gives a cohesive view of who you are in all potential platforms you play in. Being a place as a front desk for your customer service, branding your service desk is the least you can do to reflect your brand.

In what areas is it important to brand your business? Everywhere! Whenever possible! Because now the whole world is your marketplace with the latest advancements in various technologies. You should consider investing in branding for long-term success. Trello is one of the tools that offer many ways to change the look and feel of your business boards while managing tasks.

And Hipporello offers a bevy of customizable fields to make your forms and service desk work in the best way possible for your unique use cases. One of these is the ability to change the design of your service desk built on your Trello board to make it fit your branding needs.

Why is branding your business on the Hipporello help center important?

Customizing the design of the Hipporello service desk to your branding needs means getting yourself in front of more eyeballs, while receiving form submissions including but not limited to customer support requests, job applications, and Contact Us form submissions.

How to Brand your Service Desk

Let’s see how we can help you create a beautiful and cohesive experience for your Hipporello Service Desk users.

Change the colors on your service desk

All the service desk design customizations are done in Settings->Service Desk Design & Content. You can change the primary color, color of the button texts, body texts, and the cover background.

  • First, click the color box beside one of the options above.

  • Next, you can either use the color selector to choose a color or manually enter the number for the color of your preference.

Customizing the logo and the banner

You can also change the look and feel of your service desk by adding your logo and banner. Having your logo and banner on the Hipporello service desk helps to create a resounding impression with elements that are congruent with your usual branding for your customers and leads.

The image size shouldn’t be any smaller than 1440px by 380px. However, if the image does not properly fit the required size, we scale it accordingly to make it fit. Make sure to choose the background color to match the banner when needed.

To change the logo and banner:

  • Go to the Settings->Service Desk Design and Content.

  • Choose Service Desk and click Design on the left-hand side menu.

And now you can upload your logo and banner and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the branding elements you already know.

You want to update the images that you’ve uploaded and are in use now? Go to the same menu and upload new images for your logo and banner.

Hipporello aims to add an extra perk to your service desk and Trello experience by including fields that are customizable to your business. Are you ready to start building your killer Hipporello service desk with your company/organization colors, logos, and banners? Yes, we thought so. Add Hipporello to your Trello board now to start enjoying the experience.

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