Request and Provide Approvals on Trello Easily!

Request and Provide Approvals on Trello Easily!

The approval process is an integral aspect of any organization. It allows different levels of the organization to approve works such as invoices, budget, marketing initiatives, content, or project outlines. 

When done manually, it is a slow process that will often lead to the creation of piles of pending approvals, reducing the overall productivity and efficiency of your business. And when not integrated into the workflow where the task awaiting approval lies, it gets harder to manage and keep track of where in the approval process work is.  

Fortunately, you can use approval software like Hipporello's Advanced Approvals Power-Up together with project management software like Trello to streamline the process and make it something you can complete during your morning cup of coffee. 

What is Hipporello’s Approvals Power-up?

Hipporello’s Advanced Approvals is a Trello power-up that allows users to improve theor Trello approvals workflow by requesting approvals, providing approvals, adding comments or questions and seeing the whole process in Trello's Kanban. All this is done on Trello. Approvals can be requested from:

  • From Trello board members on your Trello board

  • From non-Trello users like your clients, consultants or potential leads through a user portal integrated with Trello.

    The innovative user web portal brings together data from different projects and departments, providing a wider and more convenient access to allow easier approval without adding people to your Trello boards. 

Why integrate approvals in your daily workflow?

An approval app can transform your approval processes. Here's why you should consider one:

  • Boosted Productivity:

    Approval apps streamline requests across platforms and stakeholders, making the process faster and more efficient. They remove redundant formalities and simplify submission, saving you time and effort.

  • Minimized Miscommunication:

    Automated streamlining ensures accuracy. Requests reach their intended recipients, and approvals happen promptly. There's no chance of misplacing requests or overlooking approvals. Moreover, you can receive notifications about new requests on Trello.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience:

    Approval apps consolidate processes and communications, accessible from an organizer’s dashboard on Trello. This quick and precise approach ensures customers enjoy a hassle-free experience. An approval app that works on Trello will revolutionize the way you receive and handle your approval processes. Here are a few reasons you should seriously consider getting an approval app:

Why Have an Approval Power-up on Trello?

Trello is a collaboration platform that makes it easy for businesses to bring together different projects, dashboards, and lists to allow easy access for everyone who needs them.

If you're a newbie to Trello, read our complete guide on how to get started.

Here is how Hipporello's Approvals Power-up works with Trello to bring you all the benefits of approval software and more:

1. Request approval for a task on a card simply by hitting a button. Simplify processes, save time

Trello approval workflow with Hipporello's Approvals Power-UpRequest approval for a task process of Hipporello

With the Approvals Power-Up for Trello, requesting approvals for tasks is only a button away on your Trello dashboard. Hipporello eliminated the need for extensive paperwork with digitized documents. Simplifying the process in this way saves time and resources. It is also easy to integrate because Trello is already used to manage other projects. 

Hit the Request Approval button and the request will appear on the boards of the approvers of you choose to do so.

Or if you choose a non-Trello approver, an email will be sent for the person to review the request on a user web portal.

2. Use Trello's Kanban to see where in the approval process a Trello card is

Trello’s Kanban allows you to visualize workflows and make any changes necessary to improve the efficiency of a process. Therefore, you can use the same technology to track how approval is going to promptly notice any issues and fix them.

This will let you keep clients and partners updated about the progress of their applications as well, promoting trust, accountability, and transparency.

3. Manage approvals where your team is already collaborating

Provide approvals in Trello approval workflow of Approvals Power-Up

Since approval apps create an overview of all the approvals and at what stage they are in their respective processes, team managers can easily detect duplicate requests for service and reject them. They can also manage any approval processes on projects that your team is already working on. The good part is that they can do so right where they're already collaborating with the rest of the team without switching tools.

4. Get other business Power-ups on Trello, in addition to Approvals, and turn Trello into your business hub

Trello Power-Ups by Hipporello contribute to the way Trello works as with Hipporello you get end-to-end business process solutions with a web pages on a web portal, forms, email integrations, automations and more. There are solutions on Trello for multiple teams. Each Power-Up has preset Trello lists, automations, forms, a user web portal and more, fully ready for teams to get started. Some of the Power-Ups by Hipporello are:

  • Applicant Tracking

  • Knowledge Base

  • Service Desk

  • Volunteer Recruitment

  • Employee Handbook

Streamline Your Approval Processes All In One Place

Hipporello’s Approval Power-up is a great integration for your Trello dashboard. Most times, approval processes are overlooked when it comes to automation. But using Hipporello's Approvals Power-Up will allow you to stay ahead of the pack and prove to your customers, team members, and partners that you care about their experience with you.


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