Recruitment Process Management Made Easy on Trello with Hipporello

Recruitment Process Management Made Easy on Trello with Hipporello

Recruitment Process Management Made Easy on Trello with Hipporello

Recruitment Process Management Made Easy on Trello with Hipporello

Despite the huge number of tools available, HR specialists and employers still seem to be juggling a heavy workload when it comes to managing job application processes as there mostly are time concerns. Especially after you receive a huge bunch of applications, it is common to forget about follow-up communication with candidates.

This doesn't have to remain so. Let’s help you make Trello your only place to go for the management of your recruitment processes by letting Hipporello Power-ups for HR oil the wheels of your recruitment processes.

We offer two robust power-ups to manage your recruitment on Trello: Service Desk Power-Up and Hipporello's ATS Power-Up. While they are slightly different from each other, they are great for managing hiring on Trello. If you're looking for a more flexible solution, Service Desk Power-up is a great option; if you're looking for ready-to-use application process management, Applicant Tracking Power-up is your go-to option.

Benefits of using Trello for recruitment

Recruiters and HRs who use Trello easily organize their work and collaborate with team members. When empowered by Applicant Tracking Power-up, the Trello board turns into a super app for HRs and recruiters. Let's see the benefits of Trello for recruitment with Hipporello Power-up.

Turn Trello into a recruitment board

Trello allows HR departments to create a visual workflow of the entire recruitment process, from creating job postings to tracking candidate progress, scheduling interviews, and ultimately making a hiring decision.

With Trello's intuitive interface, recruiters can easily move candidates through each stage of the recruitment process by simply dragging and dropping their cards from one list to another. This provides a clear overview of the recruitment pipeline and ensures that no candidate is overlooked or forgotten.

When the Applicant Tracking Power-Up is installed, it comes with a ready-to-use recruitment workflow with a pipeline. With the Kanban view, candidates' cards can be dragged and dropped between lists while Service Desk offers recruiters to create their own pipeline on the Trello board. The board with ATS Power-Up also offers automation; allowing you to send automated messages according to the status of the list.

Publish job application forms in minutes

Once you’ve come up with a job description, you need to design your job application form. And it’d better be easy-to-design for you HR specialists, and easy-to-fill-in and frustration-free for the candidates. With Hipporello, you can either design your own form from scratch or just use our ready-made recruitment template. Feel free to ask the right questions for different roles.

Applicant Tracking comes with a ready-to-use application form. All you need to do is to change the details about the job opening and publish it. You're ready to receive applicants.

Service Desk form templates are 100% customizable - add or omit fields, chop and change colors, and company banners until it’s as unique as your business!

Hipporello Applicant Tracking System's job creation process

Distribute your open positions with ease

When you add Hipporello Power-ups to your board, a portal is created where you can showcase your open positions and company info. Applicants can apply to the positions by filling up the form from the portal. Service Desk also allows you to embed your forms to a designated area on your website. You can customize the branding and the domain of your portal to make it professional. Do not forget to share your positions on social media like LinkedIn to have more coverage.

Trello board view of Hipporello Applicant Tracking System

Automate your workflows and ease your workload

Once an application is received, here starts the real two-way communication traffic. And yes it is -normally- difficult to manage. Once a candidate fills in your company’s job application form through Hipporello's Power-ups whether from Applicant Tracking or Service Desk, a card is created on Trello.

Trello cardback page of Hipporello Applicant Tracking System's

And here, instead of sending individual emails to all the applicants, you can set your card to send automated "Thank you for your application!" emails in seconds. Of course, you can customize your message as well.

You can send similar automated email messages about upcoming interviews to a shortlist of candidates who have managed to stand out in the first round. From that point on, you’ll carry all the two-way communication to your Trello card. You can do all these on Trello, only with Hipporello Power-ups. Both of the Trello Power-ups are armed with this feature. Open up the card related to the candidate and write messages directly from the Trello card. Voila!

Reduce the churn rate of applicants

The churn rate in most recruitment processes is so high, mainly either because of the complexity of the application form or other lengthy processes. Building customizable unique application forms and making the communication steps as easy as automated messages through Applicant Tracking and Service Desk Power-ups will also help reduce the churn rate and increase your chances of finding the top talents for your open positions.

Keep candidates informed with undivided communication on Trello

Although it is a common candidate expectation to hear from the HR department or employer about the processes, it’s not always possible in the hassle of the recruiting funnel. Using Hipporello, you can easily follow up with your candidates about their situation.

If the process of elimination is taking longer than expected, send the candidates an automated message informing them about it. Or send an automated message to those who have been eliminated for some reason. This will increase your company’s credibility in future recruitment possibilities.

In conclusion, managing a recruitment process can be challenging, but with the help of Hipporello's Service Desk and Applicant Tracking Power-ups for Trello, HR departments can streamline the process, create customizable job application forms, automate communication with candidates, reduce churn rate, and keep candidates informed every step of the way, ultimately making the hiring process easier and more efficient for all parties involved.

Start enjoying the simplicity of a totally Trello-based recruitment management process made possible by Hipporello by setting it up in minutes now.

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