Manage All Customer Relations Entirely Inside Trello

Manage All Customer Relations Entirely Inside Trello

Good communication with the customers is essential for any business, who can argue with that? Whether in real life or while using digital media, we are always organic and complex. We expect - we crave genuine, positive connections. Providing your customers with such efficient and sociable communication on the Internet requires easy-to-use tools. So you can focus less on the hassle of the work, and more on your customers’ needs. Especially for support teams on Trello, a customer support template for Trello would help them achieve this.

Hipporello Service Desk allows you to handle your customer relations from A to Z, entirely inside your trusty Trello board! Take a look at our Customer Support Template for Trello, it's free! Manage customer service on Trello with a tailored template, and achieve lasting results.

Hipporello Service Desk is super easy to use and navigate through with little to no guidance. But just in case, in Hipporello’s Customer Support Template, we’ve added a list to the left of our Trello board that clearly shows everything you need to know, with GIFs and directions. You can always go and find what you need, without having to leave your Trello board, just the way you like it. This list also makes onboarding a piece of cake, as new users can be Hippo-ready in a jiffy. If you still need help, you can take a look at the self-service guide on how to utilize it.

Hipporello Customer Support Template for Trello

Let’s first take a look at what Hipporello Service Desk does. Then we’ll see how it can benefit your business, and you’ll already have your own ideas once you’ve read this:

  • You can create and publish your online forms in minutes, with zero code knowledge. The only skill you need is to drag and drop with your mouse.

  • Through these online forms, you can receive submissions from your customers.

  • A Trello card is created for each unique form submission.

  • You can view all the information your customer provided inside the Trello card.

  • You can manage all communications with your customer from inside their Trello card.

  • You can use this card just like any card in Trello, to handle your customer process by assigning members, setting due dates, adding labels…

  • You can direct your emails straight to your Trello board.

  • You can set up conditions for your incoming emails and form submissions to tailor them to the needs of your business.

See how short it takes to access our pre-made Job Application form.

These are all simple solutions to reclaim a lot of wasted time we tend to ignore. How much time do you save by being able to publish your customer forms in minutes? How about the time wasted in constant switching between your email client and your Trello board? Days! Days that you can instead lean back and spend improving other aspects of your business. Getting your form online with Service Desk for Trello takes less time than reading this text from the start to where you are - NOW.

This is only a single-use case, to demonstrate how Hipporello Service Desk can benefit your business. Once you explore the form creation page yourself to see the functions of this Trello Power-up, you’ll realize that sky’s the limit! You don’t have to be an advanced user as Hipporello Service Desk is pretty much self-explanatory. Try our Trello template and experience how smoothly you can start handling your customer relations within minutes!

Benefiting from the internet and the power of computation has become more important than ever. Hipporello helps your business to operate with superior efficiency by simplifying the work. Try Hipporello Service Desk now and let's take your company to the next level in just a few clicks!

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