Get Your IT Help Desk on Trello with Hipporello

Get Your IT Help Desk on Trello with Hipporello

IT help desks can get messy without the right ticketing systems and right tools. And that makes it a must to have a systematic and well-thought way of handling the work on a proper IT help desk. Even more so when it is built for your business management tool, Trello.

If you’ve had trouble with IT tickets before, you know how frustrating it can be when team members aren’t on the same page. Tickets get buried, and important bug fixes go unnoticed and unresolved.

If you knew the amount of time your IT team could be saving and the progress your business could be making with a proper IT help desk in place, you wouldn’t put it off any longer. If you are still on emails only, you probably know that emails have gone far from improving productivity and efficiency in the IT setting especially when dealing with high volumes.

Although your team might be all set up and comfortable with their current IT help desk, or communicating through email, just imagine focusing only on important issues and not having to deal with repetitive tasks anymore, and actually getting the real job done.

“Regardless of how much we talk about the future of work, collaboration, and transformation, the sad reality of most office employees is that emails keep them handcuffed to their inbox and distracted from getting the actual job done.” says Alberto Furger in his recent blog post.

Hipporello Service Desk is the way to turn emails into tasks on your Trello board and to get the real job done effectively.

So, how can I turn my Trello board into an IT help desk?

For every ticket that’s created, a new Trello card will synchronously be created with the ticket’s information. This way, every single ticket will appear on the IT team’s Trello board for everyone to see. This keeps all team members aware of what’s to be done while giving the IT staff full control over directing queries to the right team members.

Each query will only be handled by the member who’s most experienced to solve it, so everyone has a little bit on their plate at the time. All members stay productive, and all bugs are expertly fixed. Good for the team, and good for the customers.

What’s more, the tool can convert customer emails into tickets and route them to your Trello board to handle them, so no bugs are overlooked. Does that mean not having to open your chaotic email inbox again? Absolutely.

With Trello as your IT help desk, you’ll take everything that’s unproductive out of your way.

Here's why an IT Help Desk on Trello is a must:

1. Resolve IT Tickets with Greater Precision Using Service Desk for Trello

Imagine having the entire IT team on track and being actually productive instead of stressed out trying to find relevant information in your inbox, reading, and responding to urgent emails about required fixes. Imagine no longer hearing “I didn’t see that!”. or in some cases, you need to ask the bug reporter further questions. Stop hopping between reports and emails. Instead, communicate with the reporter over Trello cards only.

Hipporello Service Desk can make that a reality. Think of it as a ticketing system software but without obstacles, where everything is managed in a single Trello board.

In short, Service Desk is a handy Trello power-up designed to connect teams and employees by transforming Trello into a painfully easy-to-use service desk.

Use Trello as a Service Desk

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2. Fix Recurring Issues in Record Time with Automation

Manually dealing with tasks that show up over and over again is counterproductive, to say the least.

With Hipporello Service Desk, frequent tasks can be automated so your team doesn’t have to think about them ever again. You’ll only have to manually deal with brand-new tasks, focusing only on the queries that matter.

Or, if you’d like to automate future tasks for an even higher productivity boost, Hipporello’s Service Desk got you covered.

Isn’t that a sigh of relief?

3. Don’t Let a Single Ticket Slip Out of Sight

One of the best-enjoyed features of Hipporello is our Kanban-style board visibility.

Why? Because the Trello board enables the IT team to view every ticket without missing a beat. And when everyone can see everything, issues are fixed in record time.

Make IT ticketing enjoyable with Hipporello Service Desk

Give it a try to experience bug fixing without the stressful part.

By the way, we’re backed by Atlassian and it's free to start.

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Use Trello as a Service Desk

Use Trello as a Service Desk

Start for free - No credit card required

Start for free - No credit card required