Introducing Contact Database, Signup restrictions and New look&feel

Introducing Contact Database, Signup restrictions and New look&feel

We’ve recently rolled out new features and improvements for our Service Desk Power-Up. The new features are a brand new contact database, signup/login restrictions and a new look&feel.

Contact database

All the emails collected through form fills are recorded as a unique contact on the new contact database, allowing you to see an overview of all your contacts and take some actions. All contacts are listed on a contact details page, and with the help of this new page:

  • Contact information can be modified,

  • Notes can be added,

  • All the cards created by that contact can be viewed on the contact card.

Contact detail properties are dynamic. There are some mandatory props. You can enhance your contact model and add new props for your own needs. Additionally, it’s possible for you to open a ticket on behalf of the contact via this new interface.

Portal Signup/Signin restrictions

Currently portal signup was public, meaning anyone would be able to sign up to your Hipporello portal. Viewing and accessing forms is restricted through well-functioning access policies but there was no control on signup/signin ability for the client portal.

With this new improvement, service desk admins can turn off signup, making portal account creation invitation-based. It’s also possible to completely disable login. This makes it impossible for anyone to sign up to the portal.

For invited end users, an invitation email will be send with a link containing a verification code. When the end user clicks the link, they will be redirected to the signup screen so that they enter their name and password and access your client portal.

New Look &Feel

Navigation menu and form editor landing page has been changed to offer a better experience in the admin side of our Service Desk Power-Up.