Introducing the Knowledge Base Addon, form ordering and more

Introducing the Knowledge Base Addon, form ordering and more

Introducing the Knowledge Base Addon, form ordering and more

Introducing the Knowledge Base Addon, form ordering and more

Cover image representing the new features including the knowledge base addon, form ordering, new block structure and more.
Cover image representing the new features including the knowledge base addon, form ordering, new block structure and more.

We are excited to announce a suite of powerful new features designed to enhance your capabilities while using the Service Desk or Marketing Requests Power-Ups by Hipporello. Our latest update focuses on delivering an intuitive, efficient, and comprehensive experience for both service desk operators and end-users. Let’s dive into what’s new: 

  1. The Knowledge Base Addon

The introduction of the Knowledge Base Addon marks a significant milestone in our quest to provide a holistic solution. This addon enables you to compile, manage, and share information—from how-to guides and troubleshooting articles to general FAQs—directly within your current user portal. It’s designed to empower users to find answers independently, reducing the number of incoming queries and enabling your team to focus on more complex issues.

See the video below to see how the knowledge base addon works:

Key Features and Benefits

Easy to Use:

Create and publish articles using a simple editor, without the need for technical skills. Once created, publish articles on your current user portal with a single click and edit any time easily.

Customizable Access: 

Control who sees what by setting up access policies for your articles. Users on the paid plan of the Service Desk or Marketing Requests Power-Ups can use access policies for their to manage the visibility of their articles.

Enhanced Customer Support: 

Enable customers to help themselves by providing instant access to commonly asked questions and topics. Support articles ensure your end-users do not wait for answers to simple questions and give them multiple resources.

Reduced Support Tickets: 

By offering a self-service option, which is accessible 24/7, you can significantly decrease the number of incoming support requests, freeing up your team to focus on more complex issues. By adding articles on how to use your services or even your user portal, you can ensure your users know how to navigate through your services.

How to Get Started

Getting started with the Knowledge Base Addon is as easy as activating it on your Hipporello dashboard. Go to the Admin panel > Addons to install it and give it a try. It starts with a 14-day free trial. From there, you'll be able to create your first article in minutes. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Install and enable the Addon: Navigate to your Hipporello Service Desk or Marketing Requests admin panel. Find the Knowledge Base Addon on the left menu and install it. Make sure to enable it as the addon is disabled upon installation.

  2. Create an Article: Use the simple editor to draft your first piece of content. Whether it's a how-to guide, an FAQ, or company policies, you can create it here.

  3. Set Access Policies: Decide who gets to see your articles and set access accordingly.

  4. Publish and Share: Once you're happy with your article, hit publish. It'll instantly become available on your user portal and anywhere else you choose to share it.

  1. A Fresh, New UI

The user portals and admin panels of the Service Desk and Marketing Requests Power-Ups have undergone a significant transformation with a brand-new user interface (UI) that's not only visually appealing but crafted for enhanced usability.

This update focuses mainly on simplifying navigation, improving accessibility, and ensuring that critical functions are just a click away.

The menu on the left hand side has been changed for better navigation. The new UI adds new visual capabilities, making it easier for you to efficiently manage your operations and to offer a clean portal to your users. 

  1. Enhanced Form Ordering

Understanding the importance of workflow customization based on unique needs, we've introduced an advanced form ordering feature. This functionality allows you to organize your forms in a sequence that best fits your operational needs.

Whether prioritizing urgent service requests or streamlining feedback collection, our form ordering feature provides the flexibility to put your forms in order for maximum efficiency. Go to your Admin panel > Forms to try the new feature.

  1. Innovative Block Structure for User Portal

The innovative block structure for the user portal offers unparalleled customization options. This new feature allows you to arrange content blocks in a layout that enhances user experience and ensures easy access to important information. The improvement was necessary especially because the components on the user portal like forms, articles, and more have increased and this brings about the need for the capability to organize the user portal accordingly.

From FAQs and service request forms to announcements and contact information, you can now design a user portal that serves as a comprehensive resource center, all while maintaining a clean and organized aesthetic.

Go to the Admin panel > User Portal > Customize & Preview to add new blocks to your user portal.

  1. Unified Admin Panel for All Trello Boards

To streamline your management processes, we've integrated all Trello boards linked to a user portal (Service Desk or Marketing Requests) into a single admin panel. This update eliminates the need to switch between multiple admin panels when managing different requests or projects.

Now, you can oversee all your forms, emails, knowledge base (if installed) and other details from one centralized location, which simplifies your workflow and enhances productivity.

Why These Updates Are Game-Changers

These new features are more than enhancements; they represent our ongoing commitment to evolving Trello Power-Ups by Hipporello in ways that directly address the needs and challenges of our users.

By offering greater control over your layout, streamlining information sharing, and simplifying management tasks, we’re redefining what’s possible in our Trello Power-Ups.

Embrace the New Features

Your feedback drives our innovation. Discover the new features and improvements and chat with us through our website if your have any feedback or questions. Our support team is on standby, ready to assist with any questions or to help you leverage these new features to their full potential.

We’re thrilled to embark on this next chapter of service desk excellence together!