Introducing new robust features for the New Year

Introducing new robust features for the New Year

Introducing new robust features for the New Year

Introducing new robust features for the New Year

The Hipporello Team has been hard at work, elevating the Service Desk Power-Up with powerful features and enhancements! Brace yourself for an entirely fresh experience in the new year and a host of added capabilities from improved user interface to more personalized portal settings. Dive in to explore and start experimenting now:

  1. New Trello Cardback User Interface:

Experience a fresh and enhanced Trello card back section with a revamped look and feel. We've meticulously designed this update to provide users with an improved interface, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable cardback experience for all.

New Trello Cardback User Interface

The new look is cleaner, making sure all the details of the ticket are clearly visible, and no important points are missed.

  1. Enhanced Email Redirect Links:

Say goodbye to long, cumbersome redirect links in emails sent to requesters. Our new URL structure redirects users directly through your portal, eliminating any lingering remnants of our branding.

Enhanced Email Redirect Links

This ensures a cleaner, more professional appearance and enhances the overall user experience.

  1. Flexible Agent Rating Display:

We've upgraded the Agent Rating feature, allowing you to customize its display preferences. Choose to showcase ratings only on all cards or on specific cards, such as closed cards.

Flexible Agent Rating Display

Additionally, you have the flexibility to enable or disable rating functionality across the entire user portal, putting you in control of your feedback management and making sure you don’t display it when not needed.

  1. Email Ratings for Requesters:

Introducing the ability to add ratings to emails sent to requesters. When a requester clicks the rating section in the email, a dedicated rating page opens, enabling them to leave valuable feedback and reviews.

This feature enriches communication and helps gather insights into the user experience, while also making sure the whole process is easy and smooth.

  1. Seamless Ticket Sharing:

Requesters can normally share created tickets with their colleagues effortlessly through their user portal. The cardback for Trello board members now displays a comprehensive list of individuals with whom the ticket has been shared, facilitating transparent collaboration and communication.

Flexible Agent Rating Display

This allows Trello board members to see whom a created ticket is shared with and have more control over the the ticket in its lifetime.

  1. Enhanced Inbound Email Configuration:

Configure inbound email settings to seamlessly share ticket details and communication with individuals in the TO and CC fields of the email.

This refinement ensures that relevant stakeholders stay informed and engaged throughout the communication process. This makes sure all stakeholders stay in the same spot without switching to different tools.

  1. Customizable Outgoing Email Settings:

You can now tailor your outgoing email settings with the ability to change the "from" email address. This was one of the most demanded features by our customer. The feature provides the flexibility to set the "from" address according to specific needs.

Flexible Agent Rating Display

This is especially beneficial for users with multiple email aliases assigned to a single email account.

  1. Refreshed Admin Panel Interface:

Explore our admin panel with a new and improved look and feel. The redesigned interface enhances navigation and usability, offering administrators an even more intuitive experience when managing settings and configurations.

Refreshed Admin Panel Interface

With the new look and feel, the menu items are more intuitive and the admin panel is easier to get started with and to use.

  1. Portal-Wise Subject Message Configuration:

Configure default subject messages for emails sent to requestors on a form-based and portal-wide basis. This customization allows you to maintain consistency in email communication.

This also allows you to streamline your messaging approach with your clients across different portals and forms.

  1. Form-Specific Case Prefix:

Diversify your case prefixes by specifying them per form. Unlike the previous portal-wide prefix configuration, you can now set unique prefixes for each form, providing a more granular control over ticket identification.

For instance, use "Quote-1" for one form and "Ticket-1" for another, tailoring prefixes to suit your distinct requirements.

All these improvements offer you a brand new service desk with improved capabilities for the new year. Give them a try and reach out to us through the chat operator on our website for any questions you may have.