Introducing E-signature, Cookie Consent Banner and More

Introducing E-signature, Cookie Consent Banner and More

Introducing E-Signature as a new form field

In Hipporello Service Desk, while customizing your forms, you might want to add a field that allows your respondents/users to sign the form before submission. We now have an E-Signature field that you can find in our rich form editor.

Why would you want to add an E-Signature field to your form?

You may need an e-signature field in some forms and that need depends on the nature of the information in the form. You may want to add an e-signature field especially if you want it to work as evidence of a person’s witness of an incident or a certification of the content in the form for some reason. It is mostly used in Incident Report Form, application forms like Job Application Form, Employee Complaint Form, or other petitions.

E-signatures are legally binding in many countries and states, but we strongly recommend you consult with your legal advisors if you have any queries. We keep the IP address and time of the form with/without e-signatures and that also works as a confirmation about the person who has submitted the form.

Introducing the new cookie consent mechanism on the user portal

We now have a cookie consent banner, the cookie warning that pops up when you visit the website for the first time.

With our new cookie consent banner, portal visitors will be informed about what cookies and trackers are present on your portals. They will also be given a choice of consent before their data is processed as is required by the GDPR.

Introducing email attachment choice on Trello cards

We have recently made this improvement to make sure to give more freedom to users in their communication over Trello cards. Using our email-to-board functionality, you can define your email address and receive your emails to your Trello board. After that, you can carry on communication with recipients over Trello cards without revisiting your email inbox.

During this communication, your email attachments were automatically added to the card and that was the only option, but now with this new improvement, you can decide whether you want to keep the email attachment on the card or omit it.


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