Introducing Custom Notifications and Ticket Sharing

Introducing Custom Notifications and Ticket Sharing

We’ve recently developed two new features to Hipporello Service Desk: end-users sharing tickets with anyone through the portal and managing custom notifications from Hipporello Service Desk. 

Manage custom notifications for board activities of cards by Hipporello Service Desk (Premium only)

As a Trello board member, you can now manage notifications and customize notification settings for Trello cards created by Hipporello through forms or emails. You can choose the email address where you want to receive notifications and the Trello cards you want to be notified for. It’s also possible for Trello board members to reply to requests through the notification emails they receive. 

To manage notifications from Hipporello Service Desk: 

  • Click on the Hipporello Power-up button, then select “Profile & Notification Settings”. Notifications are inactive by default.

  • Click the “Want to get notified through email?” switch, and add your email address where you want to receive notifications.

  • Select which Trello cards will trigger notifications. If you select "All Trello Cards", you will get email notifications for every Trello Card that is created through Hipporello. You may select the "All Trello Cards assigned to me" option to get notified of cards that are assigned to you only. 

This feature helps you stay on track with what is happening on your Trello board. Only premium users have access to notification settings. 

Sharing a case/ticket with an external party through email

Each form submission creates a unique case on your board and your end users can follow up with their case by signing up to your portal page. Your end users can see the details of the case, the form they’ve submitted and they can reply to your messages through the portal page. 

Hipporello Service Desk allows end users to share the request/ticket/case with external users by adding their email. This enables end users to collaborate with a colleague, consultant or a team member on a case and saves them time and effort. 

To add a new person to work with on a case:

  • End users can invite external parties to collaborate on the case by clicking the Share button on the top right corner of the case details and adding the person’s email. 

  • It’s possible to add emails of multiple external collaborators. 

  • By clicking the link they’ve received through email, the new collaborators will be able to:

- reply to messages actively. 

- view case details, 

- view previous messages.

  • It is also possible for the new collaborators and end users to reply to messages through email. 

This feature aims to centralize the communication with teams on Hipporello Service Desk portal when needed, and cut down the time and effort spent on updating people on a case/request/ticket they’ve submitted.


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