How to Use Trello for Your Ecommerce Business

How to Use Trello for Your Ecommerce Business

Is it possible to establish an ecommerce business without an online shop?

The answer is yes!

While it’s definitely more common for ecommerce businesses and websites to set up an ecommerce shop, it’s 100% possible to build a compelling web presence without one. If you think about how tricky it can be to set up an ecommerce store and make your first sale, it’s something worth considering.

Sounds weird, we know. Especially for those of you who swear by ecommerce websites. But managing your product orders requires nothing more than receiving customer requests through a handy portal, and then addressing them in a timely manner.

E-commerce made easy with Hipporello forms

That’s easy to do with Hipporello, our easy-to-use (and even easier to set up) service desk for Trello users. Ever thought about managing your entire ecommerce business using Trello and not having to worry about building an entire shop from scratch? We’ll show you how to do it, right now.

How to start managing your ecommerce business online

Design a Contact Form and Embed it to Your Website

Even if you have no experience with forms, that’s no problem. In fact, you won’t have to design anything: our intuitive form builder will do all of the work for you. This way you can turn your website into your e-commerce store and get orders instantly.

Hipporello has several ready-made templates that require minimal editorial effort. The only bits you’ll need to change have to do with your particular product details. As for the rest, we’ve got you.

Hipporello Service Desk form creation

If you’d like to make your forms more personalized, that’s also possible. You can add or remove fields to design a form that completely matches your brand’s design and personality as well as the nature of the products at the core of your ecommerce business. We created Hipporello to cater to the tech-savvy crew, as well as to those of you who prefer a done-for-you approach.

Now, all you have to do is create a “Contact Us” form and embed it to your website with the code we’ll provide you. Just copy the embed code and place it wherever you want it to be on your ecommerce website, and you’re good to go. You can also use Hipporello Service Desk to manage customer relations entirely inside Trello.

Get in Touch With Customers Over Trello

If you can’t stand replying to emails, Hipporelo has its own twist to offer you. Unlike emails, which can get buried and go unanswered, our feature keeps the sales funnel warm, the customers nurtured and your e-commerce business going.

Hipporello Service Desk's Trello cardback page details

We make it possible for salespeople, customer service representatives, and other agents who process customer requests to reply to requesters using Trello cards only. This makes it possible for them to cater to customer needs in a timely manner, while also laying the foundation for a long-term relationship leading to repeat sales.

This also gives salespeople the freedom of leaving their inboxes behind and enjoying a smooth-running process. After all, email inboxes are where everything else happens. We don’t want that getting in the way.

The user can include different information in the “Contact Us” form as they wish, such as contact name, subject. Even set the form apart from others by giving it a specific name.

Get to Know Your Customers Better With Hipporello’s Precise Details

This is arguably the best part about creating an ecommerce form with Hipporello.

Customer service agents (or the representatives in charge of customer requests and product orders) have access to valuable information about their customers, like their IP address, browser, operating system, country, organization, and more on the Trello card that’s been created from their request. This gives you a chance to start reaping the advantages of ecommerce businesses by making your and your customers’ lives easier.

With that information, you’ll know exactly where your customers are coming from, what they do, and what device they use to access your website. These are key if you want to run effective marketing campaigns that target the right people.

Change the Way You Do Ecommerce. Forever.

Unsure about spending time and money in an online shop that may or may not drive results?

You no longer need to be.

Start using Hipporello for free to create deeper connections with your customers (and make more sales).