How to Use Trello for Business Teams with Hipporello

How to Use Trello for Business Teams with Hipporello

How to Use Trello for Business Teams with Hipporello

How to Use Trello for Business Teams with Hipporello

Trello has an intuitive design which leverages simplicity. Trello boards keep you organized, letting you see at a glance which tasks you’re working on, which you’ve completed, and which ones are coming up. Trello lets you view different stages of each project and capture ideas as they materialize, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting a critical task or losing an important thought again.

If you’re enjoying the simplicity of Trello for managing tasks and projects for your business, but you need more functionality on Trello for multiple business processes, Power-Ups by Hipporello is the solution for you. 

Redefining the use of Trello for business teams 

When you combine Trello with Hipporello, you get an enhanced, robust tool that has solutions overseeing the needs of your business teams on Trello, non-Trello clients, communications, and more. 

By adding Hipporello’s Power-ups on Trello’s intuitive platform, multiple business teams, project managers, small business owners, contractors, and other professionals have access to an enhanced task organization solution that greatly simplifies how they run their processes.

Managing Business Processes for Different Teams on Trello

In any business, customized solutions are a must. Every business, team, or industry takes a platform like Trello and makes adjustments to make it work best for their specific needs. Depending on the IT for those adjustments and customizations might slow down the process. 

Hipporello helps businesses customize their Trello experience with its Power-ups, enabling them to personalize the platform more effectively to keep everything better organized without IT support. Hipporello offers business process extensions for a wide range of teams: 

  • Marketing

  • HR 

  • IT

  • Support

  • Agency 

  • Startups 

  • NGOs

All these teams require specialized process management. For instance, a marketing team will have a different focus, and thus different process needs than a human resources team. Just as their workflow differs, the way they work with other stakeholders and the collaboration needs are not identical either. While receiving leads and requests are prioritized for marketing and creative professionals, receiving and managing applications might be the main focus for an HR team. 

Hipporello offers Power-ups, designed for different teams’ changing needs; for instance the Marketing Requests Power-Up helps marketing teams to receive requests in their Trello board and the Applicant Tracking Power-up provides a careers page for employers to publish job ads and receive applications in Trello.

A unique Trello card is created for each action whether it is a new request for marketing materials or a new job application for your company's designer role. Inside the card, it is possible to send a message to the requester and receive the reply into the same card, which allows teams to keep track of the conversation on the same board.

A use case for IT and tech teams involves receiving customer tickets and communicating with customers effectively. Usually, IT teams require different tools which require going back and forth between tools where they receive tickets and where they manage tasks. 

Hipporello’s Service Desk Power-up allows teams to receive and track tickets in Trello, where team members prioritize and manage tasks, and communicate with customers directly from Trello cards. This solves a major pain point by turning your Trello board into a shared inbox where all communications are centralized. While taking advantage of the visibility of Trello, it makes management of customer requests and communication with non-Trello clients possible.

Digital agencies, on the other hand, need to collaborate with non-Trello clients and share some of the information of their tasks on Trello without sharing the whole board. Trello Card Sharing Power-Up will allow agencies to share Trello cards or parts of cards on a web portal, enabling to improve collaboration with non-Trello users and boost productivity.

What do robust Power-Ups by Hipporello bring to the table?

Hipporello streamlines business processes on Trello. With its visual no-code Web App builder, Hipporello builds Power-Ups and workflows for multiple purposes and teams. Needs of teams are dynamic and each teams’ needs change a lot from others’.

Just as the changing business needs, Hipporello’s no code Web App Builder is just as dynamic and flexible, allowing the team to build new Power-Ups for business teams or even companies upon demand. The fundamental abilities of Hipporello Power-ups are:

  • Online forms-to-Trello, readily built for specific business process needs

  • Connecting email to Trello board and receiving emails in Trello

  • Communicating with email senders or form responders directly from Trello cards with Hipporello’s gamechanger conversation module

  • Web-front portal and pages to connect with non-Trello stakeholders including job applicants, consultants or clients.

  • Pre-defined automations unique to each business process.

Utilizing the power and flexibility of no code, Hipporello helps teams keep track of their processes under Trello without switching tools or having to install and learn multiple integrations. Your clients or end users can interact with you through a web portal in multiple ways. They can contact you, read your blog, place a marketing request, or engage in other ways. 

Each of these business activities get their data, content, or info from a Trello card that keeps everything and everybody related in it. Moreover, centralizing communications in Trello with your team members and clients simplifies sharing messages with the people you need to communicate with. 

It minimizes miscommunications and helps you avoid missing someone important. It also helps you keep better track of your messages and tasks as a whole team, which boosts productivity. 

Keeping everyone on board 

While Trello connects your entire team, Hipporello lets you bring in everybody else. The Trello workspace is designed for teams to collaborate on projects; Hipporello adds in the business elements and activities that are missing. This is especially useful for all teams that work online. While Trello brings together multiple projects, boards, and team members, Hipporello boosts productivity by letting you collaborate with third parties, clients and end-users. Also, streamlining business processes on Trello whether it’s for marketing or HR, for a startup or an agency will improve the communication and the collaboration of teams.

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