How Can Human Resources Management Use Trello?

How Can Human Resources Management Use Trello?

While Trello is widely known for individual task management and to-do lists, it serves as the ideal tool for Human Resources Management teams.

In this article, we'll go over all the ways your HR team can use Trello as a single source of truth for every single process – from keeping in touch with candidates to tracking agent performance.  

Let's get right into it!

What Is the Role of Trello in Human Resources (HR) Management?

If Trello is already your go-to task management tool, we have great news: you don't need another HR software. With Trello as part of your toolkit, you have everything you need to organize your recruiting process, end-to-end. 

How Can Trello Be Used to Improve HR Processes?

Trello's sleek user interface, automation capabilities, and collaboration features create a thriving environment for go-getting HR teams. Especially for those teams who want to get things done in a fraction of the time, without sacrificing maximum performance. 

Strategies for Employee Tracking and Performance Management with Trello 

There are a number of strategies you can use to track and manage employee performance on Trello. For example, you can...

  • Keep employee information available at a glance with an intuitive Kanban-style view

  • Use your team's Trello board as a single point of communication – so you always know who's doing what

  • Keep track of your agents' performance by checking built-in analytics features

And many more strategies we'll mention in just a moment.

Note that, in order to perform those strategies successfully, you'll need the right Trello Power-Ups for the goals you'd like your HR team to achieve.

Next up, we'll list the best Power-Ups your team can use to transform your Trello board into a powerhouse for your business processes.

What Trello Power-Ups Can HR Teams Use?

Applicant Tracking

With the Applicant Tracking Power-Up, you can instantly turn Trello into a full-scale recruitment platform and Applicant Tracking System (ATS). So your team can take back control of the entire hiring process with a single tool.

Establish a single point of communication

Phone calls? Cluttered inboxes? Not anymore. Communicate with both candidates and team members over Trello cards, and nothing else. Enjoy the freedom of having up-to-date conversations without ever leaving Trello. 

Make designing and publishing job ads a breeze

With this Power-Up, designing job ads is as easy as filling out a form from inside Trello. The best part: the ads are fully customizable to reflect your brand. Two minutes is all it takes to post your job opening on your branded career page.

Speed everything up

Work with pre-built templates, forms, and workflows. Set specific triggers to automate the boring jobs. And improve your efficiency like never before. 

Effortlessly communicate with candidates

Share your career portal link online for potential candidates to apply ASAP.  Whenever a candidate applies, you'll receive their job application straight into your Trello board (with the forms-to-Trello feature!).

Need to follow up with a candidate? Do it better (and faster) by sending them email messages from Trello cards with automated messages.

Employee Directory

If you're already collaborating in Trello, that's exactly where your employee information should be. Instead of adding another tool to your stack, stick with the one you know best and install the Employee Directory Power-Up

Employee information at a glance

Facilitate remote working for big teams and multiple locations. Drag and drop Trello cards across lists to easily publish employee information on your web portal, so everyone can stay abreast of what’s happening. 

Improved company culture

Improve the onboarding process by sharing the Employee Directory link with new hires. Make it extremely easy for them to know who to report to and what their responsibilities are – with a living document they can refer to whenever they need it. 

Up-to-date information, all the time

Did an employee join? Did an employee leave? You won't need more than a few seconds to change their status. 

From inside Trello, you'll be able to publish and update employee information on your web portal. All of your team members will have instant access to this up-to-date portal whenever they have any questions. 

Employee Handbook

Share company policies and regulations with an employee-facing portal using the Employee Handbook Power-Up for Trello.

Do everything from Trello

Establish employee policies and procedures easily using only Trello. Publish helpful articles on a web portal with a click. And finally, share handbook and portal links for easy reference and review.

Communicate your policies clearly

Ensure clear communication of your company's policies by sharing the handbook link with employees. This way, they can self-service if they have any doubts, and only refer to a superior when necessary.

Keep employees informed about new policies

Keep your handbook fresh by adding new articles on the go and updating policies, mission, and procedures. Effortlessly, through a simple form. Review and edit existing information easily on your web portal, making updates whenever policies change or new information arises.

Ensure compliance with laws and regulations

Prove your commitment to following the rules and being transparent across the board. Use this Power-Up to guide employees through essential company policies on a secure web portal.

Service Desk

Service Desk Power-Up makes ticket management easier than ever. Turn end-user issues, customer requests, and product orders from different channels...you guessed it: into Trello cards. Just by using email or online forms.

Improve web presence with a branded user portal

Customize your web portal so it looks exactly like your brand. Add your company's logo, banner, and don't forget your brand colors! That'll boost your brand's awareness for whoever visits your portal.

Rely on a single point of communication

Hold conversations with your clients over Trello (even if they aren't in Trello!) and make it your single source of internal and external collaboration. Your end-users can easily get in touch with your company through the forms on your portal. 

Even if users choose to communicate via email, you can still receive their emails as cards in your Trello board. All thanks to Hipporello's email-to-board feature.

Focus on what matters

Automate those repetitive tasks and with an easy-to-use automation builder – and focus your work where it really matters. Speed up communication by creating and saving quick replies to frequently asked questions in your Trello cards. 

Zero in on security

Allow or restrict access to your forms by setting iron-clad access policies. You can also choose to set your forms to "public" to make them all accessible to anyone. It's your choice! What's more, you can help your support staff streamline their efforts in Trello without sharing email credentials.

Get valuable insights

Stay on top of how your service desk, forms, and agents are doing by checking the analytics feature on the admin panel.

Learn actionable details about your users, like their IP, country, and browser – and even get data on email delivery, opens, and clicks. Those are golden for your marketing strategy. 

Power Up Your HR Team's Trello Board Today!

No coding. No training. No waste of time. All you need is a free Trello account to start using all of the Trello Power-Ups we mentioned. Click on the name of the Power-Up you'd like to start using, and add it with just a click. 

Or, you can explore other Trello Power-Ups by Hipporello. We're always coming up with new features to enhance your team's productivity and communication -- all within the app you already know and love.