Hipporello Power-Up: A Service Desk Solution for Trello Users

Hipporello Power-Up: A Service Desk Solution for Trello Users

There are plenty of service desk tools available nowadays. Entering the market as a new player isn’t an easy move, especially when we consider how authoritative the already existing alternatives are.

All of this begs the question: why did we decide to take a chance and create our own software?

Hipporello Service Desk started with an analysis of Trello, which is one of the simplest yet most efficient tools for project management, activity planning, and task management out there today.

We knew the solution was already high-quality and that many users were happy with it, but at the same time, we saw an opportunity to enhance its functionality even further.

The plan was simple: to develop a service desk solution specifically tailored for Trello.

We wanted a solution that many users could benefit from immediately by using it mainly as a:

  • communication channel with their clients, and users

  • HR Ticketing system

  • IT Help desk

  • shared inbox and more.

After strategizing, conceptualizing, and developing, the Hipporello Service Desk was born. We couldn’t be prouder to present it to you today!

Hipporello Service Desk workflow

Client Communication on Trello: Main Features of Hipporello Service Desk

Hipporello offers a lot of features but the most promising seven main features are:

Form Building

Create forms for customers or colleagues with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder anyone can master in no time. The form builder comes with predefined templates and ready-to-use input types, e-mails, passwords, short/long texts, and more.

Form Automation

Automate repetitive actions and save time for more important tasks.

  • An example: you can create a thank you email and set Hipporello to send it automatically every time a customer submits a request, and never think about it again.

Customizable Service Desk Portal

Use your own domain, logo, and banner to make sure all your forms are on-brand. This way, your customers will know right away that the form is yours. Get the same benefits of investing in high-quality, consistent branding.

Embedding for Public Websites

Embed your forms to your public websites and landing pages. Easily migrate your previous ones to a modern Trello-backed system, so that they’re easier to manage and update.

Direct Communication over Trello Cards

Receive and respond to your client’s requests without needing a separate communication tool. Save time, and gather all relevant feedback and discussion on one single platform.

Bi-directional Email Notifications

Send every reply from your agent to your customer as an email, configure form automation rules to send emails, and allow customers to reply to further information requests from your agents by email.

Email to Trello Card

Sharing email account credentials among team members are not scalable. Hipporello turns your Trello board into an easy-to-use shared inbox for your team email accounts like support@, help@, jobs@, sales@, etc. Configure an inbound email address, create forwarding rules in your email provider ( like Gmail or Outlook) to forward emails to this address, and create a Trello card for each received email message.

How does Hipporello Service Desk work?

The process is just as simple as the software:

  • The Trello admin users build the form and publish it to their Hipporello user portal.

  • Customers submit their requests via the user portal.

  • The submitted form data appears as a card on the Trello board, with all relevant information included.

  • Every modification done on the card is tracked by Hipporello.

  • The customer is then notified about changes via email and also they can see all the details on the service desk.

How can you install the Hipporello Service Desk?

As you’ve probably gathered by now, we’re all about simplicity and efficiency and that starts with the installation process.

Follow these five simple steps to have Hipporello connected to your Trello account and ready to work:

1. Find and add "Hipporello Service Desk" from Trello's Power-Ups page.

Hipporello Service Desk power-up page

2. Authorize Hipporello to access your Trello board

Hipporello Service Desk authorization

3. Enter your company name, choose a domain and upload your logo to create your Service Desk.

Hipporello Service Desk creating new service desk

4. Installation is complete :)

Hipporello Service Desk successfully installed

5. Your service desk is ready in a few minutes with some predefined forms to allow you easily to test Hipporello

Hipporello Service Desk web portal page

6. You can then use existing forms or customize the predefined forms or create new ones from scratch.

Hipporello Service Desk new form creation

Once this is done, you and your team will be ready to start using all the features we listed before!

What Are Our Plans for the Future?

Thriving as a business is all about innovating regularly in order to keep up with the industry - no matter which industry we’re talking about.

That’s why we’re already cooking up some ideas for Hipporello, which will transform it into an even more useful tool for all Trello users.

We can’t reveal all our secrets just yet (what’s the fun it that, after all?), but as a teaser, we can say that we’re planning on adding an easy-to-use knowledge base integration and an applicant tracking system that works on Trello in the first place.

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