Set Up Your Bug Tracker on Trello in Minutes

Set Up Your Bug Tracker on Trello in Minutes

Need to find the easiest, most comfortable way to handle your bug tracking needs? You’re exactly where you need to be. Hipporello lets you create your online forms and start receiving your bug reports. Estimated time to complete: Shorter than reading this whole article. Let’s go.

Reporting and tracking bugs are never the easiest and most fun parts of the job. This is mainly because it is a challenge to do it in a unified way, without missing any bugs, and without it getting on your nerves.

Hipporello is a Trello Power-Up that allows you to create and publish your online forms, receive submissions on your Trello board to easily organize your workflow, and even communicate with your reporters directly inside the Trello cards.

By setting up a Trello board and adding Hipporello, you can easily keep track of bugs and get the bugs fixed on time and without frustration. With Hipporello, Trello turns into a better tool for a unified collaboration with the IT department, system users, and supervisors.

Here’s how it works step by step:

  • Click here to start using Hipporello (we’re free).

  • Create your user portal, add your logo, customize your user portal design and content to your company’s needs.

  • Create and publish your online forms. You can use our premade Bug Tracking form, edit it the way you want by adding or removing form elements or create a brand new one from scratch. You can even receive attachments.

You’re already done! Publish your form with your testers and/or users to start receiving bug reports!

  • You can forward the incoming emails to an existing email address or create a new email address with Hipporello. We send your emails directly to your Trello board as well.

  • Filter email and form submissions according to your needs, you’re free to automate the flow however you want (even send an automated email to the bug reporter) and create conditions to organize your board however you wish.

  • Each bug report will have its unique Trello card. You can assign members, add labels and use your Trello lists to manage your work with superior efficiency. Follow the process to completion on your Trello board. You can even use our Customer Support Template board by clicking here.

  • Keep all your work online, ready to be easily accessed by you and your teams.


Hipporello can be used for numerous reasons. But speaking of bug tracking, do you know who has a lot of experience in it? We do! We use Hipporello ourselves to receive our bug reports, feature requests, and support inquiries. While creating Hipporello, we aimed to take care of those needs for our users, and for ourselves as well!

Hipporello makes sure that receiving bug reports is the easiest task, so you can focus your efforts on solving those bugs. Click here to start using Hipporello today for free, and happy hunting!

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