Blog Success Made Easy on Trello with Hipporello

Blog Success Made Easy on Trello with Hipporello

Blogging may be a staple of the internet and content marketing, but that doesn’t make achieving blog success easy. Especially when there always seems to be other priorities getting in the way of start-ups or growing businesses, it might sound too demanding to start and create a successful blog. However, at the same time, it’s an essential part of brand presence and SEO strategy in the long run.

One thing to keep in mind is to start simple, as simple as possible. So much the better if possible to do it on an already familiar simple tool and let your blog grow as your business does.

Trello, one of the most popular productivity tools in the market, can be a handy choice for organizing, creating and publishing blogs, making blogging pleasurable and organized.

Let’s deep dive into how Trello can be leveraged for blogging with blogging success tips. 

Create a Trello Board for Blogging

First things first, you need to create an account if you are a newbie Trello user. If not, you can start by creating a Trello board, dedicated to the blogging. By doing so, you can easily manage your blogging project with workflows and task tracking. 

Use Trello as a Blogging Platform

In order to publish your blogs, you need a platform that is flexible enough for your needs as it will have implications on your blog’s design, themes, domain, and workflow. Even though Trello doesn’t provide a blogging itself, Trello power-ups which bring additional features to your boards are here to help you solve the issue. 

Hipporello's Blogging App, a Trello power-up, comes with a ready-to-use editorial workflow and a blog page for you to publish your blog as soon as your copy is ready. You don’t need to worry about hosting, domain or waiting for the tech guy to help you with a blog page setup.

Brainstorm with your Team on Trello with Blog Ideas List

Any blog is only as strong as its content, so a crucial stage of your blogging process will be coming up with successful blog topics that will appeal to your target audience. Trello provides the collaborative environment to get together with your team and have fun throwing around ideas for things you’d like to write about and publish.

Also, Trello will help you have concrete ideas listed in a way easy to understand and comment on by all the team members. While brainstorming, do not forget to check the most popular blog topics and trends in your field. You can take advantage of keyword and topic research on SEO tools such as ahrefs, MOZ and Semrush to adopt a data-driven approach to blogging. 

Use Editorial Calendars and Blogging Workflows on Trello

To keep your thoughts in order and track your editorial workflow, an annual or monthly editorial calendar will be really handy. On Trello templates, you can find editorial calendars to track holidays, key events in your business, and when you would like to publish your blog posts.

This way, you’ll be able to keep everything aligned and clearly organized, making sure you have well-planned successful blogs.

And more importantly, you won't have to make last minute plans to publish some content on a special day and will always produce timely blogs. You can also take advantage of Trello calendar view to view the planned content on a calendar. Hipporello Blogging App, built on Trello, also provides a blogging workflow to keep track of your blogging process. 

Create a Trello Card for Each Blog 

Now’s the fun part: starting to actually blog! Since you’ve already done all of the hard work of coming up with ideas for blog posts, you can focus on progressing from the ideation stage to the planning stage.

For each blog post, you’ll want to start out by researching the information that you’ll use to support and enrich your content before building an outline of what the post will contain. Having an outline helps you stay within a framework while writing and keeps you from getting off topic. All the information can be gathered under a Trello card. 

Use Trello Lists for First Draft and Review 

Okay, the time has come to write out your full blog post! Of course, writing the first draft will be a challenging and exciting process, but the real work comes in the review and revision. Here, you’ll take a look at what you’ve already written and polish it up to be the best version of itself.

On Trello, you can assign team members for reviewing the content. You might proceed with a peer-review process or have a dedicated editor take care of the revising. Most successful bloggers may sound as if they have produced their content very naturally at once, but keep in mind that blog success depends very much on the time you put in planning, drafting and revising.

Do not forget that working on eye-catching headlines and engaging sub-titles are as important as the content of the blogs. Hipporello Blogging App comes with a workflow that makes it easy to track your blogging process from draft to publish.

Support your Content with Images and Graphics

In order to be as engaging as possible, it’s important to break up your blog posts with images and graphics so that they don’t just appear as one large, intimidating chunk of text. Also, you’ll need a cover picture that attract the attention of a reader. You can use Trello attachments to keep track of the supporting materials for your content, but a better option is to organize your images with Hipporello Blogging App.

With the help of the app, you can add a cover image and supporting images, implemented in the content that is ready to publish. 

So whether you design your own images, order custom graphics, or download ready-made royalty-free photographs from online, we couldn’t emphasize the importance of supporting visuals more. Images not only support the content, they also impact the way readers feel while reading your blog. If you use images effectively to tell stories, your readers will form a better impression of your blog.

Trello Checklist for Finalizing Content 

This step may seem minor but it’s actually incredibly important. Before your blog post sees the light of day and makes it out onto the internet for your audience to consume, you can go through a checklist to be sure that the content includes all the necessary elements. A final stage where a senior stakeholder approves it and all of its messaging is also crucial. After all, this is the internet we’re talking about. Once something is out there, you can’t fully take it back. So make sure that your blog post is ready-to-go and consistent with your brand values before you publish it.

Publish the Final, Optimized Content on Trello

You might be wondering, how? It is the point where Hipporello Blogging App shines the most. You can directly publish your blogs from your Trello board thanks to Hipporello.

It’s as easy as drag and drop. Enjoy that little thrill you get when you publish your blog! And don’t forget, you can always unpublish, revise and edit published blogs to further improve your content. 

Create Content Promotion Calendar on Trello

Trello is a great tool not for blogging, but also for social media management. Blog content is a valuable source of social media content. Maya Palmer explains how to create a social media calendar on Trello with a step-by-step guide. 

It’s crucial to remember that these days, it’s not enough to just put your blog post out there and hope people find it anyway.

To get as many eyes on it as possible, you need to get the word out there through various market channels, especially on social media. Let your audience know that you’ve got an exciting new blog post for them to read and enjoy. 

Keep an Eye on the Analytics 

Last, but certainly not least, it is important to pay attention to how your blog post performs. Does it get a lot of views, comments, and clicks? Or has it flopped? This data will help you decide how to tweak your content moving forward for optimal success.

It’s not possible to do so on Trello or with Hipporello Blog App, but Google Search Console is a great tool to keep track of the performance of your blogs.

Keeping an eye on analytics regularly and striving for improvement is a key way to get you among popular blogs people want to follow. If there is something that you’d like to change, you can go back to Hipporello Blogging App to improve your content by editing and republishing it easily on your Trello board. 

Hipporello ensures easy blogging on Trello

Although not easy, blogging can be really rewarding for companies. They not only increase engagement with leads, but also function as simple and powerful tools to communicate a lot of information about your business or product to the outside world. Starting a successful blog can be intimidating, especially for small and mid-size businesses when there are costs and a lot of time involved.

With Hipporello, you can easily get started! No need to wait for the best time, talents, and resources to get started with blogging. 

At Hipporello, we build business applications on Trello to ease the lives of startups, small and midsize businesses and eliminate potential complexities with maximum efficiency.

With Hipporello Blogging App, plan your blog on Trello with an editorial workflow, collaborate with the team from start to end and publish your blog directly from Trello board on your Hipporello Page. Check out our resources on blog to see how you can get started with blogging in minutes on Trello. 

That will likely be the best first step for blog success! 

Have you enjoyed this content? We have more to read. Have a look at our blog to catch up with latest Trello updates and industry trends. If you’d like to learn more about Hipporello’s products, visit Hipporello Apps and Hipporello Service Desk.

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