Introducing improvements in automation and email consent

Introducing improvements in automation and email consent

New automation rules now apply to already existing Trello cards

This was a most needed improvement. In Hipporello, you can define automation rules to move the cards across the board and for example, send automatic messages upon movement. Up until now, when a new automation rule was defined, it was applicable to the new Trello cards only, the cards created after the rule was defined. With the new improvement, you’ll be able to handle the already existing cards on your board with a newly defined automation rule. This way, it’ll be much easier and time-saving to perform batch handling of already existing cards.

New email consent settings

As a new service, Hipporello has a lot to tell you about itself and the upcoming improvements. We would like to get email consent on sign-up to send new subscribers information about our products and services, deals, or recommendations by email. This way we hope to uplift your Hipporello experience with meaningful content and news that may be of interest to our subscribers.

If you’re already subscribed and would like to receive emails about our products and services, feel free to go to My Profile on the Hipporello menu on your Trello board and tick the email consent box.

You'll be added to our emailing list once you save your preferences.

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