10 Ways to Use Trello Forms to Simplify How You Do Business

10 Ways to Use Trello Forms to Simplify How You Do Business

In today’s world of work, collaboration and data are key to keeping your projects on track while meeting your targets. Apps like Trello are designed to streamline your work processes and improve communication between and within teams. With its eforms, form templates and the drag-and-drop form builder, Hipporello Service Desk Power-Up and many other Power-Ups by Hipporello allow you to integrate your clients, customers, employees and other non-Trello stakeholders into your workflow through a user web portal.

If you’re looking for something easy-to-learn, complex or want different features to what is available in the native Trello, Hipporello is ready to power up your intake forms on Trello.

What are eForms? And how do I know if I need them?

An electronic form (eForm) is an online document that replaces traditional paper forms. Similar to a paper form, the online form asks the reader to complete fields, but without the restrictions of accessing, and keeping paper documents.

With eforms, data collection is now easier than ever as they’re online, easy to send and access. Links to these electronic forms can be distributed to anyone who requires them after they have been made and hosted centrally. eForms instantly collect data instead of requiring mailing or in-person return, reducing the amount of time wasted in many companies.

Good eForms like the ones by Hipporello enable businesses to create and customize forms to meet their needs. Once forms are created and fine tuned, they are ready to be sent out to different audiences depending on what you want to collect.

How to create forms for Trello

Hipporello’s forms help with many use cases. You can get form templates, create your own form from scratch, publish them on a user portal and start creating Trello cards with form fills. Those who have linked Google forms to Trello can see the benefit of using a board as a shared inbox for form responses and communications. Hipporello adds more by allowing users to also communicate with form responders from inside Trello cards.

To get started, activate the Hipporello Service Desk Power-up in your Trello account and create a form using any template of your choosing. There are plenty of options so that every question on your form can be tailored exactly how you want it.

How to create Trello card with forms

All Hipporello Power-Ups are actually a form built on Trello. Form responses create unique Trello cards with all the information available on the created cards.

And next, it’s possible to send email messages to those who have submitted forms from inside the created cards. The built-in conversation module by Hipporello allows you to have two-way communication with non-Trello users from inside Trello.

Here are 10 ways you can use Hipporello’s forms for Trello:

Use Trello as a Service Desk

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  1. Let customers stay in contact via Trello forms that can be embedded

Every business needs to be reachable, and with the Contact Us form for Trello by Hipporello Service Desk, you’ll be able to make sure you and your employees have all the information you need to stay in touch with your customer or client.

Contact us forms are an easy way for customers to reach out to you, ask questions, or provide feedback. Each form submission creates a Trello card with form details making it easy to manage and respond to customer enquiries, all from inside Trello.

A contact us form can also be embedded to your website. Each form fill creates a Trello card, from inside of which you can communicate with the client that has filled out the form.

  1. Trello forms make feedback more efficient

Collecting feedback from customers and team members is crucial for any business that wants to improve its products, services or way of working. With a Trello intake form for feedback, users can provide feedback directly on the form and submit, creating a Trello card with all the details.

This allows you to manage and respond to feedback from inside the card, ensuring no feedback falls through the cracks.

Hipporello Service Desk brings this form template and functionality to your Trello experience so you can collect and track all your incoming feedback in one place and make sure your company is always meeting your customers and employees’ expectations.

  1. Use survey forms to collect essential data

Create a survey for your team, employees, customers or audience. Add checkboxes, radio buttons, text boxes or drop-down menus and gather valuable data about your business, product or team structure. The data from each form is saved directly on a Trello card, making it easier for you to manage and analyze this data to help you improve your business.

  1. Trello intake forms help you keep track of bugs

No one likes bugs in their software – so when it comes to tracking them down and getting them resolved on time, it’s essential to have a system in place. IT teams need to be able to track bugs and resolve them promptly. With the Bug Report form template on Hipporello Service Desk, you can start capturing bug reports and resolve bugs in Trello with your team. Team members, or users can fill out a form when they find a bug and create a Trello card with a form with all the details.

Documents and visuals can also be attached with each form submission. This allows your IT team to manage and track all bug reports in one place and communicate with the users from inside the card.

  1. Use a form template for IT requests

Employees need to be able to contact IT for all kinds of reasons, from needing to replace access cards to requesting a new computer. An IT request form on Trello can make IT requests much simpler.

Employees or team leaders fill out the form with their request on Trello and a new Trello card is created with all the details your IT team needs to be able to fulfill the request. This allows the IT team to manage and track all requests in one place, keeping the requester up to date on their request from inside the card. IT Requests form is one of the ready-to-use form templates on Hipporello Service Desk.

Use Trello as a Service Desk

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  1. A Trello form for sales quotations

Sales quotations are the final and most important part of your sales funnel. You finally have an interested client, make sure you don’t lose them. Trello forms are an efficient way to manage sales quotations and proposals.

These forms make it easy for customers to fill in their requirements, which are then saved directly onto a Trello card. Your sales team need never miss another quotation request or misplace details and can communicate with their new customer from inside the card – simple!

Note that forms by Hipporello Service Desk allow you to make the necessary settings allowing you to restrict access to your form and make your form accessible to certain people only. Private forms are handy in many processes including sales.

  1. Brief marketing with one Trello form

The marketing requests form is part of the Marketing Requests Power-Up for Trello. Detailed and timely briefs are essential for marketing teams and agencies to be able to do their work. Help your marketing team perform at its best with customized marketing request forms on Trello. These forms make it simple for team members or clients to fill in all the essential job details for each brief.

Received briefs and all the relevant information are then saved as a Trello card, making it easy for your marketing team to manage and track each job or request, communicating with the client directly from the card.

  1. Create webinar signup forms

Webinars are a great way to keep your customers or clients informed but they are also an opportunity for you to collect data on potential customers when they sign up. Use a webinar sign-up form on Trello to collect information such as contact details and interests, best times for a webinar, and have this published on a user web portal.

Share the link to the web portal for people to review and fill out. Each form submission creates a Trello card from which you can follow up with potential leads. These intake forms on Trello can ease your job greatly.

  1. Job application form and process on Trello

Recruiting for new positions is simple with easy-to-use and easier-to-publish forms. Use the Applicant Tracking Power-Up that offers a complete recruitment experience on Trello with forms, automation, a clear workflow, and more. It comes readily available with a job application form, which creates a unique Trello card when a candidate fills it out.

The details on the job application form gather all the data needed to properly screen candidates and follow up with them from within the Trello card created. Your hiring team can now communicate with candidates from one place, from inside Trello cards.

  1. Trello forms for volunteer recruitment

Using Hipporello’s forms on Trello is an excellent way for NGOs to screen candidates who want to volunteer. Candidates fill out a form, submit, and create a Trello card with the form. Volunteer information can now be tracked and managed from within the card.

The Volunteer Recruitment Power-Up is based on a volunteer job application form and allows non-profit organizations to manage the volunteer hiring process end-to-end.


Hipporello’s forms on Trello are a game changer. They allow you to create and use forms for any kind of business activity, whether it’s customer feedback, bug tracking or potential employee screening. They’re super easy to use and are a simple way to keep your projects and teams working more efficiently and effectively.

Use Trello as a Service Desk

Use Trello as a Service Desk

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Start for free - No credit card required

Use Trello as a Service Desk

Use Trello as a Service Desk

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