Say Goodbye to Email Clutter and Manage Contacts on Trello

Say Goodbye to Email Clutter and Manage Contacts on Trello

No disrespect, we owe so much to emails. But they tend to get complicated, hard to find, even more, problematic when you have a lot of people that need to be in the conversation. While we respect all the hard work that went into the epic email conversations that had to continue for months, Hipporello offers a simpler solution. Without ever needing to leave your Trello board and without neglecting our trusty old friend, the email. Use Hipporello to manage contacts on Trello without hassle.

Any company that needs to contact people can benefit from Hipporello. Whether you need a support or help desk, a ticket management system, a bug tracking tool, or a brand new method we couldn’t even think of yet, Hipporello works with Trello to bring out the best of your company.

Here’s what you can do with Hipporello:

  • Create and publish online forms. You can receive customer requests, job applications, bug reports, anything your company needs.

  • Let Hipporello show the emails on your Trello boards. Set up filters and actions exactly the way you want. Different departments, different Trello boards? No problem. Use our drag and drop interface and organize your work with ease.

  • Manage all your form submissions and emails together in Trello, preferred for its simplicity and efficiency – by more than 50 million users!

  • Gain back the time you spent switching back and forth to your email client! Reply to conversations directly from inside the Trello cards, whether it’s a form submission or an email.

Hipporello turns your form submissions and emails into Trello cards. This way, you can organize your work by assigning team members to the cards, adding labels and due dates, following the process as your team members now work in great efficiency and harmony.


Trello, for sure, is a productivity tool that’s super easy to use and this explains why so many people love it! As a Trello power-up, Hipporello is just as easy as Trello, with all the extra functions that your company needs. Your team members can take a sigh of relief and concentrate on the actual work itself, not the extra friction that they had to endure before Hipporello.

Add Hipporello now - it’s free- and transform your company and witness how productive work will be when everyone is freed from the needless hassle!

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