Best Trello Power-Ups for your business in 2023

Best Trello Power-Ups for your business in 2023

You’re probably most familiar with Power-Ups from those mindless video games we play during our downtime—actions, add-ins, or digital shortcuts that give you an extra boost to win the round. It’s exactly how Trello Power-Ups work for Trello as well. Trello Power-Ups are working as productivity hacks that help you work faster and more efficiently.

Today, we’re sharing the ten best Trello Power-Ups in 2023 for productivity-boosting power!

Trello board view

What is a Trello Power-Up? 

Trello Power-Ups are like tripling your score or gaining an extra life in your favorite video game. Power-Ups streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration through integrations with apps and other digital tools you use daily, creating a bridge between Trello and these top work tools while providing additional collaboration features. Trello becomes a spot for everything your team handles, from analytics to file management, from ticket management to bug tracking. 

Trello Power-Ups come in two forms: Made by Trello Power-Ups designed and developed by the Trello team and Third-party Power-Ups created by Trello partners, independent companies, or tech-savvy Trello users. 

Benefits of Trello Power-Ups

On its own, Trello has unique resources allowing users to customize boards to suit business needs, but adding Trello Power-Ups for productivity takes them to another level. There are many benefits to Trello Power-Ups, including:

  • Bringing chat, email, and other internal communication to one spot so nothing is lost in the shuffle.

  • Managing projects to ensure they are moving forward appropriately and tackling issues before they become more significant problems.

  • Managing approvals right on your Trello board

  • Keeping customers happy by offering ticket management through one app delivered to the team for faster response. 

  • Offering one place for all your team’s work instead of multiple apps they’ll need to download and check.

Trello Power-Ups can be a game-changer for your team, and you can browse hundreds of options in the Power-Ups marketplace —but we have a few favorites!

Here are the ten best Trello Power-Ups in 2023 for productivity. 

Power-ups that boost productivity

1. Google Drive

Great for: File management

Google Drive power-up for Trello

What is it?

With the Google Drive Power-Up, you can access your files and folders on the relevant Trello cards. It lets you search your Drive and attach files and folders with file previews and a link back to the file for easy access. This Power-Up for Trello makes sharing information easy and professional by turning your Trello board into a Google Slides presentation with a single click. 

Pricing: Free

2. Jira

Great for: IT & Project management

Jira power-up for Trello

What is it?

Jira is designed to support Agile methodologies, including Scrum and Kanban, that helps teams break down IT projects and manage product iterations. Jira also tracks bugs and provides a platform to test software. With the Jira Cloud Power-up, teams can create or assign tickets to specific boards or Trello cards, monitor Jira issue status, link relevant work items, and more.

Hipporello Service Desk is a Trello-native alternative to Jira Cloud Power-Up. Hipporello Service Desk allows Trello users to receive tickets, bugs, and issues in the form of Trello cards through forms and emails and communicate with clients from inside the created ticket, that is Trello card. Read on to learn more.

Pricing: Freemium and Premium

3. Hipporello Service Desk

Great for:  Ticket management

Hipporello cardback view and power-up for Trello

What is it?

A well-functioning service desk is critical for happy customers. Hipporello Service Desk Power-Up turns your Trello board into a virtual service desk through form submissions and email messages.

The Power-Up lets you:

  • customize Trello-native forms or

  • jump right in with ready-to-use templates.

You’ll receive form submissions and emails as Trello cards, where you can collect all the information you need to handle the ticket or communicate with the customer. The Service Desk for Trello includes email automation to ensure every submission has a response and it allows external communication with non-Trello users, directly from Trello cards!

Pricing: Free; 10$ per agent for premium plan

4. Card Aging

Great for: Card & task management

Card aging power-up for Trello

What is it?

With the Card Aging Power-up for Trello, you can see cards that haven’t been touched or updated in a set amount of time. This Trello Power-up has two methods of showing your cards’ age: regular, which becomes progressively more transparent, and pirate, which turns cards yellow with cracks and tears like a pirate map! It’s a fun way to keep your boards uncluttered.

Pricing: Free

5. GitHub

Great for: Developer Tools

GitHub power-up for Trello

What is it?

The GitHub Power-up for Trello brings developer tools into Trello. The integration lets you attach branches, issues, and pull requests to the right cards, assign color codes to help identify cards that haven’t passed checks, and show the status of pull requests on the cards. Developers can move to GitHub with a single click to work on their assignments.

Also, the Kanban method that Trello provides is one of the most preferred agile methodologies that the developer teams adopt.

Pricing: Free

6. Status Page

Great for: Incident management

Status Page by Hipporello power-up for Trello

What is it?

Uptime is essential when your business relies on a website or software systems, and you could lose sales, customers, and more when you don't know something is amiss. The Status Page Power-Up for Trello by Hipporello lets you integrate incident management and system status into your Trello workspace.

You can publish status updates on system events or issues, show downtime in real time, and announce scheduled maintenance on your website with the Status Page for Trello.

Pricing: Free Trial and Premium

7. Countdown

Great for: Task management

Countdown power-up for Trello

What is it?

Countdown Power-up for Trello is super-charged due date management for all types of teams and is perfect for visual reminders of upcoming due dates or overdue projects. Created by Sparkodes, this integration adds a countdown when your card is due. When the time is up, the card is marked red to encourage prompt action. The PRO option includes countdown formats, customizable colors for days, hours, and minutes, and countdowns for all due dates on your board. 

Pricing: Free and $15 one-time fee per user for premium features

8. Slack

Great for: Communication

Slack power-up for Trello

What is it?

Slack is one of the gold standards for workplace chatting, quick file sharing, and group messaging. The Slack Power-up for Trello adds project collaboration to the list of features! This integration lets users send a Trello card directly to Slack through channels or direct messages, associate a message with a board, and add a conversion now to a Trello card. With the Slack Trello Power-up, you can chat with your teammates about a project and link the conversation to the correct project without searching Slack messages after the fact! 

Pricing: Free

9 . Trello Card Share

Great for: Collaboration with non-Trello users

Trello Card Sharing by Hipporello power-up for Trello

What is it?

Trello boards are designed for internal communication and collaboration, but sometimes you need to share cards with external stakeholders or clients. Hipporello's Trello Card Sharing Power-Up allows external visitors access to parts of Trello cards through a link or a private group. The cards are available through a portable where you’ll be able to hold conversations that link to the card for future reference.

By bringing conversations into Trello, teams can more easily track responses! Faster responses mean happier clients!

Pricing: Free

10. Private Notes

Great for: Organization

Private Notes power-up for Trello

What is it?

Sometimes you need a place all your own to track private notes about a project, reminders and follow-ups, or meeting takeaways. After all, not all your thoughts need to be an open book! With the Private Notes Power-Up, you can keep a log of private notes within your cards and boards.

Add personal to-do, notes from customer support calls, or client feedback only you can see on your shared boards. Private Notes Power-up is way better than a pile of sticky notes!

Pricing: 14-day Free Trial, and then $2/month per user for unlimited Trello boards when you pay monthly.


You can also build your own Power-Up without writing a line of code. Hipporello Custom App Builder provides a visual Trello Power-Up builder that doesn't require any coding knowledge or experience. You can open up your business to endless possibilities with even limited resources and technical skills with this power-up builder. 

You can also see the list of the Trello power-ups we have built using our own power-up builder.

Closing Remarks

The options for Trello Power-Ups are essentially limitless. Trello Power-Ups can be installed to increase platform functionality and to gather all of your favorite tools in one convenient location.

This list of 10 best Trello Power-ups in 2023 for productivity will keep you on track with less digital clutter or multiple apps so you can enjoy the most productive year ever. 

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