What can you do with Hipporello?

Trello Board Use Cases

Bring customer requests into Trello boards to boost productivity and efficiency

Letting your customers access your Trello board to create support cards is hard to manage. Your customers can create cards via online forms and inbound email addresses through Hipporello. You can also define automation rules to automate some periodic manual tasks for each of these requests and save time and reduce human errors in workflow.

Customer Service Experience

Switch to a unified customer service experience by making Trello your new centralized hub

Gather valuable insights from your customers by embedding Hipporello contact forms to your single page, jamstack and wordpress websites and let your support team manage them on Trello collaboratively.

Hipporello also turns nobody owned contact, demo and feedback form requests to trackable and assigned Trello cards which your team can process collaboratively. You never miss a potential lead.

Forward Your Support Emails

Forward your support emails to Hipporello and use Trello as a shared inbox for your team

Sharing email account credentials among team members is not scalable. Hipporello turns your Trello board to an easy-to-use shared inbox for your team email accounts like support@, help@, jobs@, sales@ etc.

Use Trello as an internal help desk

Use Trello as an internal help desk, keep your processes simple

Hipporello offers a simple, unified and solution-based service experience for your internal processes on Trello. Your experts in your internal service, IT and business teams can respond to employee requests without abandoning the ease and simplicity of Trello.

Turn your Trello board into an easy-to-use service desk

Hipporello connects your customers and employees to your support, IT & business teams by creating Trello cards via online forms and emails