Unified Recruitment Process Management on Trello with Hipporello

Posting open positions, getting proper job application forms ready, screening applications and letting candidates know that their application has been received… Despite the huge number of tools available, HR specialists and employers still seem to be juggling with a heavy workload when it comes to managing job application processes as there mostly are time concerns. Especially after you receive a huge bunch of applications, it is common to forget about follow-up communication with candidates.

This doesn’t have to remain so. With Hipporello, our robust power-up built for Trello, you can avoid any communication breakdowns between your HR departments and candidates and boost your job application processes for all parties. Let’s help you make Trello your only place to go for the management of your recruitment processes.

Here’s how Hipporello oils the wheels of your recruitment processes:

Build the best job application form in minutes: Once you’ve come up with a job description, you need to design your job application form. And it’d better be easy-to-design for you HR specialists, and easy-to-fill-in and frustration-free for the candidates. With Hipporello, you can either design your own form from scratch or just use our ready-made template. Feel free to ask the right questions for different roles. Our form template is 100% customizable - add or omit fields, chop and change colors, company banners until it’s as unique as your business!

Automate your workflows - Impress your candidates and ease your workload: You create your form and embed it to your website and here starts the real two-way communication traffic. And yes it is -normally-difficult to manage. Once a candidate fills in your company’s job application form through Hipporello, a card is created on Trello. And here, instead of sending individual emails to all the applicants, you can set your card to send automated "Thank you for your application!" emails in seconds.

You can send similar automated email messages about upcoming interviews to a shortlist of candidates who have managed to stand out in the first round. From that point on, you’ll carry all the two-way communication to your Trello card. You can do all these on Trello, only with Hipporello.

Reduce the churn rate:
The churn rate in most recruitment processes is so high, mainly either because of the complexity of the application form or other lengthy processes. Building customizable unique application forms and making the communication steps as easy as automated messages through Hipporello will also help reduce the churn rate and increase your chances of finding the top talents for your open positions.

Keep candidates informed with undivided communication on Trello: Although it is a common candidate expectation to hear from the HR department or employer about the processes, it’s not always possible in the hassle of the recruiting funnel. Using Hipporello, you can easily follow up with your candidates about their situation. If the process of elimination is taking longer than expected, send the candidates an automated message informing them about it. Or send an automated message to those who have been eliminated for some reason. This will increase your company’s credibility in future recruitment possibilities.

Start enjoying the simplicity of a totally Trello-based recruitment management process made possible by Hipporello by setting it up in minutes now.