Get a Status Page on Trello - quick and easy!

A workflow-based status page, built on Trello, helps you receive incident reports in Trello and publish updates from inside Trello on a web portal page. All you need is Hipporello's Status Page Power-up. Start for free now!

Take your Service Desk to the next level - in minutes

Using Hipporello Service Desk to the fullest, you can get an easy-to-use Power-up on Trello for communication with your clients. You can create and publish forms, enjoy branding features, and many others like private forms, unlimited Trello cards created by forms or email, custom notification settings, custom domain and more.

Blog Success Made Easy on Trello with Hipporello

Powered up with Hipporello's Blog App, Trello can be used as a blogging platform while helping you keep track of your blogging projects with workflows and tasks on your board, and publish your blog posts right from Trello.

Set up Your Online Recruitment Process on Trello and Track Applicants

With Hipporello's ATS Power-up, you can set up your recruitment process on Trello in minutes and start receiving job applications instantly. You get a Trello board devoted to your hiring efforts and bring all stages of a hiring process and communications with applicants, non-Trello consultants and team members under one Trello board.

What are Trello Power-ups and why should I use them?

The best Trello Power-Ups have become the go to functionalities sought out by thousands, perhaps millions of users worldwide. And it's no wonder because they help Trello Power-Up users get their idea off the ground relatively quickly, with strong support from the Trello community.

Introducing Hipporello Apps: An All-in one, robust Trello Power-up

Hipporello Apps is a Trello power-up that offers web apps solving a business need end-to-end and a visual no code web app builder for unique processes. Users can centralize many business processes in Trello by adding multiple apps into their Hipporello Workspace where they can manage people, web pages, tasks, contacts and requests.

Let your non-Trello customers create cards on Trello

Transform your Trello boards into a helpful service desk where your non-Trello clients can push forms and emails into Trello cards. Your customers can connect to your support, IT, and business services by using online forms and emails. Collaboration and communicating with colleagues and customers is a whole lot easier.

Set Yourself Free by Automating Tasks on Hipporello Service Desk

Hipporello Service Desk takes annoying repetitive tasks off your plate and lets you get back to what really needs your attention. Automate sending messages to those who submit a form or send an email, archiving of a Trello card or many other actions and save your time for more challenging tasks.

Customer Service Automation on Trello

At its most basic, automated customer service uses technology instead of a human being to handle customer service issues. This automation can take the form of chatbots, other artificial intelligence or something as simple as a website’s help center. Hipporello helps you automate customer service with features like Quick texts and Automated messages.

Introducing improvements in the Settings menu

In this release (1.5.0), we have made some major improvements, and changes to the Settings menu. We have introduced quick texts which can be used as canned responses by support agents. Another key improvement concerns the language settings, where you can also edit the wording in your portal to your needs.

5 Essential Customer Service Metrics You Should Measure

Studies show that 90% of customers with client concerns expect companies to have an online customer service channel in email support or chat support form. But the beauty of online tools for customer service is that it allows for easier tracking of customer service performance and setting up important customer service metrics to help determine whether a company is meeting its customer service goals.

Best Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Customer service is about more than keeping customers happy. It is about creating brand loyalty and consequently improving turnover and profit for the business in the long term. Satisfied customers may turn into brand ambassadors who refer others. Built on Trello, Hipporello helps you boost customer experience easily and consistently.

Introducing improvements in automation and email consent

In this release (1.4.0), we have made some improvements, changes, and bug fixes. One key improvement is that new automation rules now apply to already existing Trello cards. Another is related to our new email consent settings that appear on sign-up for new subscribers and on the Hipporello menu for those who're already subscribed.

Get Your IT Help Desk on Trello with Hipporello

Your Trello board is also your IT Help Desk now. Hipporello turns forms and emails into tasks on your Trello board and lets you get the real job done effectively in unison on Trello. Give the IT staff full control over directing queries to the right team members.

HR Process Management with Maximum Efficiency - Entirely Inside Trello

Hipporello allows HR teams to utilize Trello as an HR process management tool. All processes can be managed with the proven efficiency of Kanban. To make things even easier, we’re sharing our Trello board template with you. Use it for free and optimize your efforts on recruitment, leave management, evaluation, and more.

Move Your Old Email-based Contact Form to Trello with Hipporello

A Contact Form should do more than just allow users to send an email. An ideal form will allow you to create a customer database for your company and your salespeople. With Hipporello, you can have an online Contact Form that automatically integrates with a Trello board and allow you to get requests as cards.