Leave Management Tool on Trello - Manage Time-off Requests with Hipporello

Leave management with so many time-off requests to handle can be complicated and stressful. Even small missteps can lead to serious complications like errors in payroll processing, and legal issues or just causing an employee to miss a cheap flight due to delays. For these reasons, it’s definitely time to ditch outdated tools like paper forms, broken email communications, and excel sheets. Alternative? No, you can’t keep your employees at work all year round.

How can you manage time-off requests effectively on Trello?

Just as how you can manage other HR processes on Trello with Hipporello, time-off request management won't be that complex anymore for your HR department.

Customizable Time-off Request form

Once you install Hipporello to your Trello board, you’ll have access to a Time-off Request form template among many other form templates. As it is just a template, you can configure the fields to make them fit your company’s policies- add or omit fields, change colors, and add company logos to personalize your form.

Time-off request form of Hipporello containing form elements necessary for leave requests

Make filling leaves easy

Once you’re done with building the form to your taste, now you can either view it on the Hipporello user portal or embed it on your website to let your employees fill it out easily. The moment an employee submits a form to request time-off, a card is created on your Trello board on the list you’ve defined and selected before.

From that moment on, you can easily communicate with the employee requesting time-off through the card, but please note: only if you get Hipporello!

Get rid of delays in approval/rejection

After a request is submitted and a card is created, things get even more practical and smooth. This saves you a lot of time and eliminates chances of delays as employees won’t have to run behind managers and supervisors for a signature or to hand in a time-off request form. This way you can evaluate and respond to requests in an organized and timely manner.

By communicating through the Trello card with the employee, you can either approve or reject the request or basically ask any further questions. By setting automation rules, you can also have the approval or rejection decisions emailed to the employee automatically. This will increase the real-time visibility of requests as well as the responses given to them.

Want to also keep the time-off balance of an employee? We know you do, so we started the work. Hipporello’s got you covered in the next update, which will be released soon. Stay tuned for the updates!


By installing Hipporello to your Trello board, you can streamline your time-off management process, eliminate paperwork, and through this, increase real-time visibility. Employees, managers, and HR experts can collaborate on Trello and set it as the only tool to use for all these processes without hopping between split tools.

You want to carry your Trello experience and collaboration to the next level? Get started by installing Hipporello now for free!