How to Manage HR Processes with Maximum Efficiency - Entirely Inside Trello

Can Trello be enough for a Human Resources team to handle each and every step of recruitment? With Hipporello, the answer is a huge Broadway sign with flashing lights that says YES. As a free Trello Power-Up, Hipporello was created to allow users to set up their online service desks in only a few clicks. HR departments can benefit from Hipporello as well and handle their entire efforts inside Trello.

To make things even easier, we’re sharing our Trello board template with you. It’s what we use here at Hipporello as well, and it can be used by HR departments at different scales.

“Hipporello Tips” board can be found on the left in every Hipporello template board. So you don’t have to leave Trello to learn about the basics of Hipporello either.

Here’s how an HR team can use Hipporello to achieve superior efficiency:

Create Your Online Form to Receive Job Applications:

Wondering how long it’s going to take to get your job advert online? The design process, never-ending email conversations for negligible details… We’ve all been there, and we have wasted precious time. Fortunately, now you can get the job done in minutes and even gain back the time you lost before finding Hipporello!

Our Job Application form is ready to use. If you want to make any changes, you can do so easily with our drag and drop interface. Once you make sure your form is exactly what you need, publish it and share the link to start receiving submissions. If you wish, you can use Hipporello to direct your email submissions to Trello as well.

Receive Each Application as a Trello Card:

Access all the data you receive from an applicant in their specific Trello card. Your HR department can assign team members to evaluate the applications and take the desired actions. You can contact the applicants directly from inside their Trello cards, move the preferred potential employees to the next stage, or send automatic messages if they’re no longer considered for a position.

Receive All The Employee Info for HR with Employee Directory Form:

From emails and bank information to food allergies and emergency contacts, Hipporello’s Employee Directory form will allow your HR department to receive all the info you need from your employees. Feel free to customize our form, add and remove form elements, choose your required fields according to your department’s needs.


Hipporello lets you handle all the HR data from job applications to employee information. You can bring unmatched efficiency to your department, keep your data safe and easily accessible, contact your potential employees without leaving Trello once. Hipporello frees your company from the hassle of the complicated design processes, overlooked emails, and brings about many more benefits. Hipporello is free, get started now to maximize the efficiency of your company!