Move Your Old Email-based Contact Form to Trello with Hipporello

An easy-to-find, easy-to-access Contact Form is a must-have for any website. That’s because customers need to reach your company to ask questions, communicate concerns, and buy products/services. A Contact Us form should do more than just allow users to send an email, though. Contacting your company is important for website visitors, but collecting data from those visitors is vital to keep any business running. Indeed the half of the marketers say their highest converting tool is contact form according to Hubspot's survey.

An ideal form will allow you to create a customer database for your company and your salespeople. With Hipporello, you can have an online Contact Us form that automatically integrates with a Trello board. And not just one boring form, you can design a portal of various forms according to your needs. Hipporello helps Trello users to integrate any customer support scenario into their boards, not just as an internal organization tool, but also enabling supporting users from the board itself.

Ditch the one-way form

A website is a great tool for attracting new customers, but using an email-based Contact Us form won’t help you with that. If customers come to your website, submit a form, and then leave, how are you following up with them? You must capture their data and use it to create a database. When you do this, you create a new sales funnel that allows your salespeople to track and nurture your customers. This helps you get the most out of every visit.

Traditional forms that simply deliver an email to your inbox are outdated and one-dimensional. They are not true collaborative solutions. Imagine, then, an online Contact Us form that automatically integrates with a Trello board. That’s what Hipporello does.

Organize workflows

When someone submits a “Contact Us” request in Hipporello, it’s automatically imported onto a Trello board and tagged as a “To Do.” Salespeople and other users can now easily integrate new website visitors into their workflow.

With Hipporello, Contact Us forms are built and embedded into a website with a simple JavaScript code. Just place the code into any static, single-page WordPress website. When a user submits a request via a Contact Us form, Hipporello creates a Trello card for the request. The process then splits into two different activities:

  • The system responds to the user who submitted the form with an automated email, telling them your company has received their request.
  • The user can reply to that email for additional information, or they can click a link that takes them to a user portal on the website.

How Hipporello creates a Trello card for contact us form

Track visitors

With Hiporellos’s tracking capabilities, your company’s salespeople will be able to follow the progress of any email. They can see if the email reply was successfully sent to the user and if the user has opened it. Hipporello also routes the user’s original request form to the organization’s Trello board. It can be coded to tag a specific salesperson, or it can go to a general board where a sales manager can assign the task later.

Depending on what information the user puts on the Contact Us form, the post can include the contact name, form name, subject, and more. Salespeople, customer service reps, and other agents who process the Trello card can request further information by clicking “Reply” directly on the Trello card. This keeps the sales funnel warm and the customer nurtured.

In addition to ensuring the customer information is saved on the board, it keeps the lines of communication open. To get the most out of a Trello board, an automated email message should be sent to the board administrator when someone submits a new Contact Us form.

Additionally, tagging a salesperson or customer support representative when the new post is created means they also know a new user has entered their pipeline. This way, the new contact stays active in the system and is routed accordingly, as you make sure no request is missed or lost in mailboxes.

Get the most out of your website

The best part about creating a form using Hipporello is that agents can see the details about the user who submitted the request — valuable information including IP address, browser, operating system, country, organization, and more on the Trello card.

Standard Contact Us forms are one-dimensional—a user submits a form and sees confirmation the company has received it. Meanwhile, a company receives only basic information that needs to be manually routed through their internal systems.

Hipporello changes all of that by turning the old online contact form into a multidimensional, task-based funnel filled with information about website visitors. It creates intelligent automation in which very little technical know-how is needed—making each new request a smart, collaborative, Trello-based task. Gathering a database of information on customers and prospects has never been so easy.

Try Hipporello now and improve your contact form strategy.