10 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Check out the 10 most frequently asked questions to Hipporello Service Desk support in this article. If you could not find your question here, please do not hesitate to reach ut to us on the live chat widget.

How billing works at Hipporello Service Desk

We’ve just released our pricing plans to ensure our commitment to offering services in the best way possible. Read on to get the details of how billing is done here at Hipporello.

How can I add a custom domain?

If you wish to add a custom domain to your domain configuration, here’s what you need to do.

How can I connect two or more Trello boards to one Hipporello Service Desk using board key?

Read on to learn how to connect your multiple boards to one Hipporello Service Desk.

How can I fix local storage issue in my browser?

In order for Trello and hence Hipporello Service Desk to work properly, you must allow cookies and local storage in your web browser. Read on to see how you can check or change the settings for your browser and fix the local storage issue.

How can I get an App Password?

App passwords are secondary passwords for your email that allow access to certain apps.

How can I set up custom outgoing email settings?

If you choose the “**Custom**” option in your outgoing email settings, follow the steps below to make sure you configure your settings correctly and easily.

How to define Email-to-Board addresses

Defining an Email-to-Board address for Hipporello takes only a few clicks.

What can you do with Hipporello Service Desk?

Letting your customers access your Trello board to create support cards is hard to manage. Your customers can create cards via online forms and inbound email addresses through Hipporello Service Desk.