Recruitment process management on Trello - a complete solution

Built on the power of Trello, Hipporello's ATS Power-up is designed to make hiring team members more straightforward than ever before—without depending on recruitment companies or pricey external software.

Get a Status Page on Trello - quick and easy!

A workflow-based status page, built on Trello, helps you receive incident reports in Trello and publish updates from inside Trello on a web portal page. All you need is Hipporello's Status Page Power-up. Start for free now!

Blog Success Made Easy on Trello with Hipporello

Powered up with Hipporello's Blog App, Trello can be used as a blogging platform while helping you keep track of your blogging projects with workflows and tasks on your board, and publish your blog posts right from Trello.

Set up Your Online Recruitment Process on Trello and Track Applicants

With Hipporello's ATS Power-up, you can set up your recruitment process on Trello in minutes and start receiving job applications instantly. You get a Trello board devoted to your hiring efforts and bring all stages of a hiring process and communications with applicants, non-Trello consultants and team members under one Trello board.

Introducing Hipporello Apps: An All-in one, robust Trello Power-up

Hipporello Apps is a Trello power-up that offers web apps solving a business need end-to-end and a visual no code web app builder for unique processes. Users can centralize many business processes in Trello by adding multiple apps into their Hipporello Workspace where they can manage people, web pages, tasks, contacts and requests.