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Hipporello Apps Builder

Build your processes on your Trello board

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What can you do with Hipporello App Builder?


Ready business solutions
on Trello

Enjoy ready-made business solutions that cover specific business process needs. Customize to your unique needs on the fly.


Data privacy with Trello card share
and access control

Share Trello cards or parts of cards to disclose only as much data and information as you want with non-Trello users without sharing the whole board.


Visual No-code app builder
on Trello

Eliminate structural barriers and build apps on your own terms. Define business process needs and problems and solve them instantly in your style.

Works on the collaborative work management tool Trello

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Fully functional and customizable

Map your business needs and desired user experience. Design the look and feel of your app from start to end.

Application-wide styling

Customize the look of your application app-wide and give your users a coherent experience through the whole of your app.

Customizable UX

Define rules and button actions to determine what happens as users navigate your app click by click.



Role-based access management

Define user roles or user groups to assign access rights to Trello cards and ensure data privacy.

Non-Trello collaborators

Collaborate with your Trello-board members on a new level. Collaborate with non-board members with customizable permissions and access rights.

Real-time editing updates

See the changes live when collaborators make modifications. Work side by side in harmony.



Canned Responses to Conversation

Write and save quick texts as email responses and automate canned responses to be sent upon certain triggers.

Trello card-level automations

Define card level automations and determine the flow of your card across your Trello lists.

Increased system versatility

Define automations from a selection of triggers and actions. Increase system adaptability based on needs and changes.



Safe and secure

Keep your users and collaborators safe and secure with automatic SSL certificates for all Hipporello pages.

Version control

Have control over different versions and instantly revert your app to any point in its history.

Easy deployment and hosting

Build your apps without worrying about server maintenance and infrastructure.



No-code platform

Keep your users and collaborators safe and secure with automatic SSL certificates for all Hipporello pages.

Progressive Web Apps

Apps that are delivered through the user's web browser and built with progressive technology. Seamless user experience.

Customizable page URLs

Set your own page slugs for a more friendly website for better user experience and improved SEO performance.

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With out visual app builder, open up your business to endless possibilities with even limited resources and and technical skills.

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