How to install Hipporello Service Desk

As you’ve probably gathered by now, we’re all about simplicity and efficiency and that starts with the installation process.

Follow these five simple steps to have Hipporello Service Desk connected to your Trello account and ready to work:

1. Find and add "Hipporello Service Desk" from Trello's Power-Ups page.

Hipporello Trello Power-Ups

2. Authorize Hipporello to access your Trello board

Authorize Hipporello

3. Enter your company name, choose a domain and upload your logo to create your Service Desk.

Setup Hipporello Service Desk

4. Installation is complete :)

Hipporello Forms

5. Your service desk is ready in a few minutes with some predefined forms to allow you easily test Hipporello

Hipporello Trello Service Desk

6. Later, you can customize existing forms or create new forms from the predefined forms we prepared for you or from scratch.

Hipporello Ready-to-use Forms